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Client Brief

The core idea behind the application is to create a house of backgammon so that users can play and enjoy a dice game together.


  • year-2019
  • Roke-UI/UX Design
  • Type-Mobile Application

The solution

In today’s world where technological advancements are taking place and people are using multiple devices and gadgets to kill their time. It is often boring to play regular dice games, therefore, as RetroCube is leading in providing solutions to our customers, we have come up with the ultimate solution of all time.

‘House of Backgammon’ game has provided relief to people who are worried about spending time on regular dice games. This mobile application is a game that can be played by both children and adults. The creative concept of House of Backgammon has been designed in a way that users would have to think before moving their checkers.

Amazing Features

This mobile application has provided joyful features

for our users so that they can get familiar with the application and enjoy the game to the fullest.

User profile

The user profile feature has made it exciting for the users to create and manage their profiles. All users can register using their social media accounts and enjoy the game while using your mind at the same time.

Different modes

This mobile application has different game modes. The user can play against a friends when they have to pass their time, and also play online with friends and random people after adding them.

The leader-board

The unique leader-board will be divided into two sections, global and friends. Using this feature, the users will be able to view their standing among all other users playing the game.

Voice & video chat

This imaginative feature has made ‘House of Backgammon’ a more fun and interactive game. Users can now also talk to each other via voice and video chat attribute while playing together.

The Highlights

‘House of Backgammon’ game is doing wonders for users who enjoy playing a competitive dice game. People are also enjoying the experience of having fun and video calling at the same time.

The Results

RetroCube’s imaginative ‘House of Backgammon’ game has successfully innovated a dice game. This mobile application enables the user to use their mind, move their checker on the board, and then borne off their checkers to win the game. This application software has gathered positive feedback which is worth sharing with our customers. ‘House of Backgammon’ game has also played a part in increasing users’ social circle as they can also have a chat while playing with random people online.


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* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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