Turning Simple Ideas Into Unique App Entities

With individuals having higher expectations from businesses, the competition to run a business on an app has become tougher. Owning a business online itself has become a competition but working with Retrocube, you will understand how we turn the most overused ideas into unique business ideas for our clients. Restaurant mobile app development companies are several but you have to find one that understands each need of your app with utmost clarity.

Why Having A Restaurant App Is
A Lucrative Business

Presenting to you the benefits of working with our restaurant app developer team.

  • Your app is bound to stand out amongst the competition
  • Appealing app design formulated for your brand image
  • Advertising features to highlight your app in the app stores
  • An app that is meant to drive customer traffic
  • Thorough understanding of customer preferences
  • Availability of sharing current and upcoming restaurant offers

Features We Add In Our Restaurant
Mobile Apps

We have developed and designed several restaurant apps so far but we make sure each app has its own unique flair to it. Here is how we do it.

  • Order Food

    Let users order through the app or book a reservation at the restaurant of their choice

  • Restaurant Details

    Thorough details of each restaurant that you onboard at your app

  • Reservation

    Table reservation option for users with the choice of time and day selection

  • Discount Codes

    Feature to insert discount codes or coupons to sustain customer loyalty

  • Digital Menu

    A comprehensive digital menu of every restaurant present on your app

  • Feedback and Review

    Customers can share their reviews and feedback to restaurants individually

  • Chat Online

    An online chat feature where customers can communicate with customer support team regarding orders

  • View Images

    An extensive image gallery of every dish before customer books a reservation or order

  • Restaurant Updates

    Relevant news and updates about new features and discounts on a timely basis

Stages We Follow For Restaurant
App Development

An extensive overview of each phase our developers and designers follow to lead towards your app’s launch.

App Evaluation

When you come to us with your restaurant app idea, we do not immediately start working on it instead we first evaluate your idea immensely and understand every intricate detail of it. Upon understanding each feature, we proceed to the next phase.

App Wireframe

Once our development team knows how to adjust every feature and detail in your project proposal, our designers then begin creating different prototypes and wireframe screens for your app. The wireframe is more than a sketch, as we make sure you understand each app functionality correctly.

App Design

After the wireframes are done, the designers work on the actual app interface. We ask for your suggestions and send you the relevant design screens. Waiting upon your approval for each design style, we begin working on other screens.

App Development

We conduct a detailed meeting with you and the development team to clear any issues you have with the design. If you are completely satisfied with how it looks, the development phase begins for your restaurant app.

App Testing

The final sprint to developing your app is its testing. We have worked on reliable testing modules so we do not overlook any page, link or screen, and its testing. The testing phase itself takes a few weeks as we believe in delivering quality work only.

App Release

Now that the testing phase is done, it is time to enter the final phase – app launch. Our content team writes an SEO-friendly app description for you and your app is published on your chosen app store.

The Estimate Restaurant App Development Cost

Whether you are looking to get an iOS or Android app, you should know the cost is going to vary for the two. Our app developers are going to give you the final cost for your app but we shall give you a brief idea about it. The project price entirely depends on the time, effort and platform used to develop the app. Such as a restaurant Android app development cost would be different from one made for the iOS platform.

Our restaurant mobile app developers will ask you a few questions regarding the app design, the number of features and the functional requirements they have to follow for your app’s development. Once we gather all the requirements, your app will enter the development phase.

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