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Client Brief

The core benefit of this application is to assist barbershops. The application will make our customers’ lives easier by simply booking their spot for an appointment.


YEAR - 2019




The Solution

In today’s world, it is a very common practice for people waiting for their turn, or waiting for an appointment to take place. Many times, people have to wait for a table at a restaurant, they have to wait for the doctor’s appointment, and most people have to wait to just get a haircut.

RetroCube’s mobile application has made it easier for our customers by completely eliminating the wait factor. TGABS is an application that allows users to book a spot during the waitlist of a particular barbershop. It is very common that people only visit their personal barbers, therefore, it is difficult for them to get the desired guy. TGABS has made it convenient for users to book an appointment within no time.

Core FeaturesAmazing Features

TGABS has created some exciting features that will help users to engage with the application and book appointments accordingly.


My Profiles

This application has developed a user profile where our customers can have a personal profile. These profiles can be managed by the user through which other users can identify each other.


My Haircuts (Images):

This exciting feature has made this application interactive. Users can upload their images after having a different style of haircuts, and can store the image as well. This attribute will assist barbershop owners as they would be able to see users’ haircuts for future purposes.


Book a Spot

The core feature of this application is to book an appointment without any hassle and waiting time. This factor helps the user to save time and at the same moment, helps the barbershop owner to be efficient.


Loyalty Program

This extraordinary feature will allow users to see how many loyalty points they have earned by simply availing of the service. These loyalty points are also redeemable.

The Highlights

TGABS has made it convenient for both, barbershops and customers. The barbershop owner can manage their clients, whereas, the users can book an appointment and avoid the waiting list.

The Result

The results displayed by the application were worthwhile. It is evident that TGABS has brought customer satisfaction on to the table, while the barbershop owners were satisfied as well. The application works as a two-way road, our customers can manage their bookings and the barbershop owners can manage their customers.


Customer Satisfaction


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