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Client Brief

The main purpose of this application is keep a record of products, scan bar codes, and save product images on their folders on Google Drive account.


YEAR - 2019




The Solution

It is very often that people want to save their valuable ideas and pictures on to some electronic device or an account. It is sometimes helpful for a person to look at past pictures of people, locations, and products, therefore, storing data has now become a vital practice for users.

RetroCube has made this possible, with our all-time efficient UPConnect web application users can now scan product barcodes, take pictures of their desired product, and store them on a Google Drive account with just simple clicks. UPConnect has made it convenient for users to easily track their products.

Core Features Amazing Features

UPConnect web application has offered amazing features for our users that have assisted them creatively.


My Account

The users would have their own personal accounts to manage their products’ images and keep a track record on the Google Drive.


Scanning Barcodes

The main feature of UPConnect web application is to allow users to scan product barcodes of any product they desire.


Add Products

Another amazing feature of this web application is help users add a product through a simple click on the ‘Add products button’.


Sharing Profile

Users can now also share their profiles with other users on the web application. This is also a way to expand user social network.

The Highlights

This web application is the all-time life saviour when it comes to keeping a record of all the desired products one can have.

The Result

The results demonstrated by the web application were much more than expected. People were exceptionally happy about an application that has made it simpler for them to scan product barcodes, take images of their products, and store them separately on the Google Drive account. RetroCube’s UPConnect web application has gained customer feedback and a large number of people were satisfied by the application.


Customer Satisfaction


5 Star Reviews



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