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Full-Scale Mobile App Development In Chicago

Let your app rise above the ranks with the most eminent app developers of the Windy City! Retrocube hosts a passionate team of talented individuals fueled with innovation and creativity, providing holistic app development services in Chicago. We leverage contemporary technologies to craft feature-rich, user-centric mobile applications that make a splash on the App Store and Google Play, driving results and propelling your business forwar

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Creative Minds Honed With Years of Experience

Retrocube has been in the business of mobile app development for more than a decade. So, if you are in search of experienced developers providing exceptional services then Retrocube is your go to app development company in Chaicago, then you know you’re knocking on heaven’s door.

Our meticulous approach, tailored solutions, and holistic services provide the complete package for our customers. At Retrocube, we never compromise on quality, ensuring a satisfactory customer experience on every project. So partner up with our highly intuitive developers, and let's build an app that not only thrives but becomes a cornerstone of your success.

Our App Development Services

Android Application

Retrocube doesn't build cookie-cutter apps. We forge secure, future-proof Android experiences with Kotlin and Java. User-friendly interfaces and seamless compatibility ensure a delightful user experience. Plus, zero-trust security keeps your data safe, making your app a trusted companion for all Android users.

iOS Application

Boost your business with customized app development services for iphones, ipads and all types of devices based on iOS, leveraging Swift, Objective-C, and Xcode. We create exceptional user experiences using ARKit, Core ML, and SwiftUI to deliver valuable functionalities and intuitive UI/UX. This winning combination keeps users happy while maximizing your revenue and retention.

Game Application

Revolutionize gaming experiences with the power of Unity and Unreal Engine. Our expertise lies in creating immersive game apps using HTML5 frameworks for captivating entertainment across all platforms. Our expertise unlocks engaging gameplay, while in-app purchases and ads generate revenue. We don't stop there – we leverage user data to continuously refine your game, keeping players hooked and your success soaring.

Flutter Application

Want a single codebase that conquers both Android and iOS? Look no further! Retrocube's Flutter app development services deliver stunning visuals, platform-specific features, and smooth animations. We craft high-performing apps that meet today's business needs – responsive, beautiful, and ready to take your brand mobile.

React Native
Application Development

Need a powerful app that works across platforms? Retrocube's your React Native dream team! We leverage React Native's efficiency to build robust apps for Android and iOS. Our mastery of Redux, API integrations, and UI/UX design ensures top-notch performance and keeps users glued to your app.

Progressive Web
Application Development

Retrocube's progressive web app (PWA) development, reaches users instantly. We build high-performance PWAs that work flawlessly offline, thanks to service worker integration and an offline-first approach. Push notifications and a lightning-fast app shell model keep users engaged. It's the best of both worlds: web convenience with a native-like experience, all accessible from any device.

Deploy your app with us and witness your legacy unfold!

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Our Approach

Our full array of exceptional services accompanied with a meticulous process from concept to creation is the secret behind our brand’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Chicago boasts a talented pool of developers and a thriving tech scene. This allows you to find the perfect team to build your app while benefiting from a collaborative and innovative environment.

Costs vary depending on app complexity, features, and development time. We offer flexible pricing models and upfront consultations to understand your specific needs and budget.

Development timelines depend on app size and functionality. Simple apps can be built in a few months, while complex projects might take longer. We'll create a clear roadmap based on your app's unique requirements.

No! Technology allows for seamless collaboration regardless of location. We offer clear communication channels and keep you updated throughout the entire development process.

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