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5 Best Strategies to Increase Mobile App User Engagement in 2022

With the increase in humans relying on mobile phones the app stores are flooded with different applications for different purposes. But only registering and existing in the store does not solve the purpose of businesses. Also, in their current scenario, the number of downloads of an app cannot define the success of that mobile application. […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Digital Secure

According to Statista, the worldwide spending on Cyber security apps reaches $60 billion in 2021 and show speedy growth in this industry. It is also claimed by researchers, the global digital security market will project to grow $458.98 billion in 2025. If you want to make an app like digital secure, you have to develop a strong strategy. […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Create an App Like Monday.Com?

Mobile apps are the talk of the whole town these days. And there is no reason for them to not have everyone’s attention in today’s world. If you pay a little attention to mobile apps and their everyday usage, you will realize that there is not a single aspect of human life, which is not […]

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How Much Does the OpenTable App Cost

The restaurant industry may not completely switch to an online existence, but they must have to digitize their services. According to the research, it has been revealed that 47% of restaurant consumers say online reservations in a restaurant are easier than the other ways. Moreover, as per the research, 45% of diners are likely to go out multiple […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Workday

The COVID-19 also gives a boost to e-signature apps. According to stats, the use of e-signature apps is increasing and is expected to hit the market value of $9,073.1 million by 2023. Companies that adopt e-signature business may reduce the handling of paper management and reduce the expense as well. This becomes the reason 55% to 79% of […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like Instacart?

Mobile apps are all the rage nowadays and people have been talking about the left and right. And, why wouldn’t they? Just thinking about mobile apps can make you want to use them for one reason or the other. These days, people are using mobile apps to solve all kinds of problems. From taking pictures […]

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