Who We Are

It’s time for Global Recognition!

Retro Cube is a global guru in mobile application design & development. We create comprehensive applications and games for entrepreneurs, start-ups and enterprises across various platforms such as Android and iOS. We also provide high-end web solutions to assist businesses in achieving their true potential and spread their message across the digital world.

Passionate, talented and highly trained designers and app developers are at your service 24/7 to deliver unprecedented mobile app solutions to you. We love to bring you solutions that not only meet your requirements and fit into your solution set but rather become an integral and natural part of the system and this is how we think and deliver.

Our Vision

To analyze and adapt is human instinct. Our vision as a company is to always push the state of the art and adapt to the ever-changing dimensions of technology. As tech fanatics we believe technology is evolving and we have to evolve with it!

Our Mission

Abbie Hoffman once said,” The only way to support a revolution is to make your own revolution.” We strive to revolutionize how engaging experiences influence user’s mindset.

You are our family and we have confidence in your potential. Let’s work alongside to unveil what we believe: Limitations are nothing but an illusion.

The Mobile
Innovation Agency

Agile Development: Our Ticket To Contented Customers & Buoyant Bottomline.

Our philosophy is to approach each project as a potential game-changer on the market. We guide our clients to success and challenge them until their good ideas are ready to become something awesome. We’re visionaries, idealists, engineers, designers and leaders. We’re not just coders, but people who you want to discuss your ideas with. The essence of our company is a mix of technical skills, creative thinking and human centric approach. Together, we’re building a development hub for incredible ideas & innovations around the world.

Our Founders

Retro Cube has got the support of brilliant minds working continually to widen its global image. These creative intellectuals have travelled the success journey full of inspiration, challenges and emotion to form one of the world’s leading App Development Company.

In 2008, Salman and Jacobs partnered to build mobile apps, the day the iOS SDK was released. Today, our 250+ full-time team members have launched over 800 apps, websites and bots. We are driven by a simple goal: amaze our clients by delivering high quality software, and ensuring our projects run smoothly, strategically and predictably.

  • Salman Yousuf

    Co-CEO and Founder

  • Jacob Dewees

    Co-CEO and Founder

Our Advisory Board

The perfect combination of creative, visionary, and strategic minds.

  • Robert Moore

    Former CFO Capital One Financial

  • Derrick Ross

    Senior Analytics Engineer at
    Micron Technology Inc.

  • Frank Daniels

    Creative Director Western Digital

Our Executive Team

Meet Innovative Minds Behind The Curtains

  • Gavin K. Moye

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Saad Iqbal

    VP Organizational Planning

  • Robert J. Stone

    SVP Sales & Operations

  • Donald Trejo

    Creative Director

  • Irsa Faruqui

    Creative Head

Uniform process to create
immaculate & exhilarating experiences

Anything to Everything; our 4-Step process is strategically designed to guide
businesses & provide them the best there is.

Proud Customers

We take pride in delivering novel application designs and engaging
experiences to clients globally.