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Boosting Customer Engagement

Deliver a fulfilling customer experience integrating high-end features and super intelligent chatbot platforms, enhancing your app’s quality and usability. Retrocube’s proficient chatbot development can increase performance efficiency and expand growth beyond boundaries.

Multilingual Capabilities

Establish a worldwide customer base with multilingual features.

Natural Human Language

Maintain a humanistic aspect of your app’s chatbot improving customer interaction.

24/7 Chat Support

Provide assistance with no downtimes or disruption in service.


Equipped with standardized automated features and functions.


Efficient integration, ensuring seamless user experience.

Unravel the Exceptional Digital Assistance
Capabilities of Chatbots

Elevate application usability with Retrocube’s chatbot development services, designed to build engaging
and progressive apps for every industry through AI integration.

Call Centers

Reduce average call time with deduced replies.

  • Gives appropriate responses without any delays
  • Real-time query solver
  • Billing assistant
  • Multilingual communication
  • Context-driven replies


Automate chats to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

  • Covers every single field to increase customer engagements
  • Post-sales assistant bot
  • Inquiry bot
  • Social CRM


Immediate symptom diagnosis and remedial advice.

  • Instant diagnoses of issues and prescription of appropriate dosages
  • Doctor appointment bookings
  • Symptom diagnosis
  • Child/elderly health


Heighten engagement and reader engagement.

  • Produce posts to increase user engagements
  • Ticket booking
  • Personalized news feeds
  • Media search bot
  • Sport, theater, and event


Reduce manual errors and costs for service delivery.

  • Provide error-free calculation and instant reporting
  • Stock market movement
  • Legal assistance bot
  • Automatic bank balance tellers
  • Personal finance bot

Hospitality & Travel

Simplify travel planning and live info seeking.

  • Real-time booking to simplify travel planning
  • Reservation managers
  • Personal travel assistants
  • Flight data teller
  • City tour guides
  • Taxi booking bots


Quicken conversions and improve customer service.

  • Personal shopping assistant
  • Personalized product suggestions
  • Price alert bots
  • FAQs/returns/deliveries tracking
  • Upselling and cross-selling


Reduce manual effort and maximize productivity.

  • Assists in streamlining the development projects and operations
  • Timely update
  • Scheduling of task
  • Efficient evaluation
  • Personalized product suggestions

Chatbot Platforms – Powered with Unbeatable Technology

Intelligent Design

Equipped with a design that attracts users, provides convenience and increases engagement.

Machine Learning

Highly advanced machine learning integration provides powerful interacting platforms.

Personalized Content Feed

AI capability ensures that chatbots display user customized and optimized content.

Intelligent Suggestions

Leverage the unimaginable insights provided by chatbots to facilitate customers.

Automated messaging

Experience a hassle-free way of remaining connected with your customers

Cards & Tiles

Chatbot responses include cards, images and titles to provide engaging content.

File Sharing/Receiving

Send and receive data with ease, through file sharing capability of chatbots.

Tap-to Shortcuts

Shortcuts for your ease! Add buttons to give you easy access to different shortcuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get To Know The Answers To The Most Searched Questions
Some FAQs that Will Help You Know More

Chatbots, also known as chatterbots are computer design programs that stimulate human-like interactions with users.

Chatbots are AI powered tools integrated with apps and websites to create messaging platforms for 24/7 chat support.

Any virtual assistants present on any website are examples of chatbots. Some ore eminent and advanced versions of chatbots are Siri by Apple and Alexa by Amazon.

Every member of our company is well-trained and exceptionally qualified. That means whoever will be assigned for your project has the expertise to fulfil your requirements and deliver you unparalleled services.

Chatbots act as your app representatives that provide assistance and support to users without your direct involvement.

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