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Body Spartan

Fitness instructor at your fingertips

Captured Game

First Ever Online Hide and Seek Game


Job Hunt Revolutionized.


Getting Employed made easy


Discover Music from all over the world


Showcase you skills to the world and be spotlighted

Hola Luna

Spanish Learning App for Youngsters

Chinchilla Game

Go on a wholesome adventure with a Chinchilla

Race Track Connection

Driving game to social and make friends


Take back control of your finances

Store Up Your Treasure

Your Stairway to Heaven


Socialize With Like Minded People


Pharma Shouldn’t cost extra.

Dynamic Map

Take back control of your finances


Interests. Sharing. Socializing

Letter Meadow

Learning made fun and easy

Nav bus

Going to school safer than ever before.

Research Hound

A bridge between you and Medical professional


Travelling made easy

Turn Kit

Shifting made on the go

Swift Chix

Now travel in style and affordability.


One stop for all your healthcare concerns and learn about all the ins and outs.

Brite Lite Med

Bring an ease in the life of patients with reminders of taking medicines.

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