Best App To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

November 19, 2018

Living in a world that is constantly changing with modernization and digitalization it is safe to say that mobile apps are the impetus that has brought this revolution. From e-commerce platforms to communication and collaboration, there is an app for every such intricate detail of not only our daily lives but also for business operations. Bringing a rampant change in socializing, social media and networking platforms are also assisting individuals in running and setting up their business operations.

However, with so many operations to look after you have to rely on social management apps or tools. That is why to make the most out of the social presence of your business, here are the apps you need to effectively manage your social media accounts.

Best App To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Buffer App Social Media

Buffer, a social media management app, is used to plan, schedule and update posts across social media and networking platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and even Instagram. It is not only limited to scheduling and publishing posts instead you can even acquire the relevant insights of your posts and updates.  It is a favorite amongst social media marketers as with Buffer, they can manage all their accounts from a single account and create content simultaneously.

That is not all as you can also analyze the performance and analytics of your published posts and receive constant reminders and updates. Allowing you to connect up to 3 accounts with its free version, Buffer is the utmost choice of many small and corporate businesses.

Hootsuite App For Social Media Monitoring

A scheduling app with similar features and functionalities as Buffer, Hootsuite also allows you to manage your social media profiles from solely one app. With a user base of over 15 million users, Hootsuite does not limit you to time and location. Users can schedule, post, and gain relevant insights. With the ease to monitor multiple accounts at once, you can even auto-schedule messages and receive notifications regarding any new updates when your brand or business is mentioned online.

Using Hootsuite, you can manage up to 3 social media accounts for free, however, with a pricing plan of 25$ a month, you have the liberty to manage up to 10 social media profiles. The best part is that users can even opt a free trial version and test the premium plans without any cost for 30 days.

Mention App For Social Media

Bringing a twist to typical social media management tools, Mention offers you more than only managing your online presence. It is more like a social monitoring app that allows you to acquire insights updates and statistics regarding any mention about your brand across the web or any other online platform. Users can monitor their social mentions and find trending keywords relevant to their brand. You can also track these mentions in real-time and get notifications whenever someone mentions that certain keyword.

With the ability to connect your social media accounts, you can share updates and posts that mention you across social media. The app itself is free-to-download but if you want to add and increase the number the updates and alerts then you can choose a plan you deem fit for yourself.

SugarSync Social Media Apps

It becomes a hurdle for many to backup and stores important data, therefore; available on both the Android and iOS platforms, SugarSync is a great app for managing the data of your social media accounts. By letting you synchronize your data to an online backup, it becomes easier for the users to have access to their files, photos, documents and every sort of online media.

The notion of having access to important data at all times is necessary for every brand and business, therefore, with SugarSync, you can not only automatically backup data but also search for files and privately share with others. Allowing you to save time and reducing the efforts of backing up data, SugarSync offers a free 5 GB plan for 90 days.

Mavsocial App For Social Media

Promising to streamline the notion of social media management, MavSocial is another great app to manage your social profiles. From scheduling to managing social media content, MavSocial is the go-to-app for editing content for small and corporate businesses alike. It is not only based on editing and scheduling instead you can even analyze user engagement metrics of all your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and even YouTube.

Most of its functionalities are similar to Hootsuite and Buffer but an additional feature is that it provides you with the choice to upload content in various languages. With the ease to automate posts, you can enhance your online visibility, engage your audience and keep up with the latest trends without any obstacles.


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