How To Delete Apps From Your iPhone or iPad easily

August 22, 2019
How To Delete Apps From Your iPhone or iPad easily

The ordeal of contemplating whether you should delete an app or not is something every smartphone user has faced. Despite not wanting to delete the app, you would have to clear up space for several reasons. For one, clearing up extra storage in your smartphone can enhance the performance of your mobile device as well.

Now if you are tired of using the same set of apps constantly or you need to save some space to enhance your iPhone or iPad’s performance, you should always begin with deleting apps.

Here are the steps how to uninstall and permanently delete the apps you have on your iPhone or iPad.

How To Delete App on iPhone

Tap to delete apps

The most basic method of deleting apps directly and in a time-saving manner is to tap the app you want to delete and hold it for a few seconds. Now all the app icons on the screen will begin to move and twitch at once. While you see the icons moving, there will be a small cross (X) on the side of each icon. Tap the small cross, and the app will be permanently deleted from your storage.

Re-download paid apps?

However, there is also the possibility for you to delete apps you have paid for. In such a case, you should not fret as the necessary measures to restore your paid apps are available. The apps you have paid for are saved on your Apple ID so whenever you download that particular app again using your Apple ID, you would not have to pay for it again and it will be installed and restored without any issues.

Access the Settings app

The easiest and simplest way is to tap and hold each app to delete them directly from the main screen of your device, but another possible alternative can be used. If you want to read the storage information and other specs of each app in detail, then it is better to delete them before you have viewed the relevant information. At times, we mistakenly delete the apps because we assume they could be causing problems.

Just go to the Settings app > tap General and then from there access the Storage option of your iPhone or iPad device. Once you view the Storage section, all your downloaded apps will be visible there altogether.

Should you offload apps?

Inside the Storage page, your phone will suggest you enable Offload Unused Apps. Using this feature can be a bit tricky if the storage limit of your device exceeds as the apps you do not use often will be cleared without your knowledge or permission.

We mentioned the word ‘cleared’ since an offloaded app is not permanently deleted. Instead, the data of the app is present and will be available once you download it again. Even the icon of an offloaded app is not removed, but it will only have a small cloud icon on top of the main icon of the app.

Now if you think deleting the app permanently is a better option then again go to the Settings app and in the General section, you will find storage. After viewing the details of the apps you intend to delete such as app version and storage occupied by it, just choose to delete it, and all its data and documents will be deleted as well.

Delete apps from the app store

The method of deleting apps directly from the app store is only available for iOS 13 and the later OS versions. Since iOS 13 is relatively recent, this method is new, so most iPhone and iPad users are not aware of this method of app deletion. This is easier and more feasible since you can go to the app update list on the App Store and choose the apps you want to delete without having to repeat various steps of deleting or offloading the apps.

Here is how you can uninstall your apps from the app store directly.

Firstly, access the App Store by tapping on it. Next is to go to your App Store account by tapping your profile picture on the right corner of the interface. This shall take you to your account. Once you have accessed your app store account, you will see a list of apps that you have downloaded along with update options available for each app. Some updates might be pending along with the apps that have been recently updated.

Now that you have viewed the complete list of app, just slide the app you want to delete to the left, and the delete option will be present on the right. Tap delete once you have made up your mind to delete the chosen app.