January 23, 2023

List Of The Best News Apps for Android 2023

Best News Apps for Android 2019

The conventional modes and mediums of reading news have completely transformed ever since the emergence of the internet. Decades ago, you had to spend time searching for the latest updates and political affairs and uncertainty on the internet. Now, the world is shifting towards a globalized era.

This is the time of mobile app technology. The news you had to search for on different websites to prove its authenticity can easily be viewed and read on a single app. Thanks to the news apps available in the app store.

This is an innovational and contemporary approach to acquiring news and information, not to mention the time we save altogether. If you own an Android smartphone and want to acquire all news through a single platform, then we have good news for you. Here are the best news apps for android in 2023 that serve this purpose on Android.

Source: A Google Trend Graph on News App

Google Trends Graph on News App

Top 13 News Apps for Android In 2023

Here is a List of The Best News Apps for Android 2023 selected effectively.

1.      Google News

Number of Downloads: 1B+

Google has come up with its news app known as Google News. It is an aggregator app that organizes world news that allows people to discover what they want to know. It collects news from credible news agencies. The news encompasses local, national, and global segments.

The app is downloadable for Android users and is considered to be the best breaking news app. The app performs best by tracking the news you want to be alert of. Being robust with every feature optimizes the content and improves results. Users can enjoy the feature of push notifications to have an insight into the liked news.

Why do you need to download Google News?

Google News

  • Everyone can read everything available; Google has an integrated briefing feature that makes it easy to stay up-to-date about relevant and important information.
  • The app also gives insight into the news from deep research and different perspectives. The feature is known as Full Coverage, covering highlighted and surfacing stories.
  • Have a look at the personalized news and the news that interests you. The app allows taking control of articles and topics from the sources you care about.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: Google News – Daily Headlines

2.      BBC News

Number of Downloads: 10 million+

The BBC has also innovated its app to stream news and updates. BBC News app has been tremendous with a staggering global network of journalists. The app covers on every area and caters the users with groundbreaking news from trusted correspondents. BBC News app has been successful in creating a free app for Android users

News on the app is categorically divided for the users to pick what they want. They have an interactive app with the traditional red color of BBC world. The app has been set to it is best, as it shows relevant news and allows you to read stories from the preferred region.

Why do you need to download BBC News?

BBC News

  • The news can be personalized and you can choose news only that you want to read. So, My News is one feature to watch out for.
  • They follow a fuller news section where readers can read a full selection of popular news such as politics, business, entertainment, and health.
  • If you are interested to read popular news, add them to the section regularly.
  • The journalists are available on the app 24/7 and you can listen to them for a deep analysis or have a critical insight into various news.
  • You can choose the preferred location, and be entertained with managed topics and stories you care about.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: BBC News

3.      Good News

Number of Downloads: 50K+

Pricing: $2.99/month


If you need to download an app that covers a positive aspect of the world, Good News Network is the app to download. The app has been operating for more than a decade and has made it the top app for news. They provide readers with uplifting, news that may sometime be overshadowed by negative news.

Why do you need to download Good News?

Good News Network

  • The app takes less time to load stories and videos.
  • You can receive notifications on every news of interest and stories from your favorite topic.
  • Users are also catered to personalized news and show the preferred topics in the feed.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: Good News Network

4.      The New York Times

Number Of Downloads: 10 million+

The New York has also upgraded itself to an app that is available for Android users to download. It is a free-to-download app that includes news and stories from 1700 journalists. Users can tap into the world’s most interesting stories from every industry.

Whether it is about the latest events or cultural stories, users can tap into it in a go. The New York Times app is also customizable according to the need of its users. Moreover, they have upgraded to AI features by introducing augmented reality and 360 views.

Why do you need to download The New York Times?

The New York Times

  • The app has the feature of shareable news, so it can be shared with friends and families to share articles, photos, and videos.
  • They have a dedicated space known as For You, the users can relax with articles, news stories, and videos from experts around the world.
  • To keep the app interactive, they have integrated puzzles and crosswords with immersive graphics for better data visualization.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: The New York Times

5.      DW – Breaking World News

Number of Downloads: 1million+

A sheer overage on international news DW is credible news from the most pressing issues to the most amazing news. The news from DW helps to shape, and understand the world from a greater vision. You can have an in-depth analysis of science, politics, arts, and culture.

It is a German platform that has been credited for its reliability, credibility, and quality, and for covering different attributes in any news. The app is supported by Chromecast. DW bringers people closers across borders by providing unbiased, and impartial news.

Why do you need to download DW – Breaking World News?

DW – Breaking World News

  • Users are able to receive push notifications to be alerted about every news.
  • The app operates in more than 30 languages.
  • DW is created with low bandwidth access in text mode.
  • With the latest update users can also have an access to live Tv.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: DW – Breaking World News

6.      Al Jazeera

Number of Downloads: 500million

Al-Jazeera is the world’s massive news network from the Middle East. It has now spread as an international network from its respective region. Working on 6 continents Al – Jazeera caters to more than 2 million houses.

The app is open to every user and has news from every section and you can read whatever you like. The app is downloadable for Android and operates in different languages and formats. Al – Jazeera also has a channel that is a one-stop solution.

Why do you need to download Al Jazeera?

Al Jazeera

  • The app covers wonderful stories from around the world through reliable agencies.
  • The app also has weather updates and forecasts that can be saved according to location.
  • You can create a My News section that helps the readers to keep track of the news of interest.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: Al Jazeera

7.      Feedly

Number of Downloads: 5million+

Feedly has earned its stature as one of the most renowned free-to-use news apps because of the unique features and options it offers. The app is based on the concept of an RSS reader since it lets you find sources, news, and other relevant updates from different platforms. People also use Feedly to read and research new topics, blogs, keywords, and other brands and companies.

Why Do You Need to Download Feedly?


  • They have an excellent optimized app with great UX.
  • You can bookmark the news; this helps you to read the content you want.
  • Feedly has integrated ML that allows readers to read personalized content.
  • Users can keep track of insight without needing to read anything.
  • Feedly is integrated with Facebook, Buffer, Evernote, Pinterest, Zapier, and IFTT to easily share stories across the network.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: Feedly – Smart News Reader

8.      Pocket

Number of Downloads: 10million+


$5/ month


You will not find content on the app itself as it only provides you with links that you can save for further reading. Supposedly, you had been using a particular social media site, and you found an interesting article to read, but you do not know where to save it for reading it later. You can save all articles, blog posts, and other links in the Pocket app directly.

Why Do You Need To Download Pocket?


  • Users can save the latest blogs, news, recipes, web pages, and other content.
  • The app is interconnected with various news platforms and publishers.
  • You can listen to articles on a phone or computer in offline mode. You can get straight to the news feed.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: Pocket: Save. Read. Grow

9.      Inoreader

Number of Downloads: 500K



Supporter $1.67/month

Pro $0.99/month

This is a free news app that, in terms of features, is a lot similar to Feedly. You have the full leverage to customize your newsfeed by only choosing topics and categories that are of your interest. Once you are done building your newsfeed, the topics can be aligned according to your interests. Several topics will be available as default when you install the app since not every reader prefers to create reading lists from scratch.

Why Do You Need To Download Inoreader?


  • You can follow some of your favorite blogs, content, and articles.
  • Users can highlight and set keywords for easier reading.
  • Articles can be translated without the need for extensions.
  • The articles can be saved to Evernote, articles Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • They offer the option to integrate custom themes and layouts.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: Inoreader: News and RSS Reader

10.  Flipboard

Number of Downloads: 500million+

Another free news Android app, Flipboard, is probably the most widely known in this list. With features and options similar to Feedly, Flipboard lets you customize your newsfeed with only topics from websites, sources, and platforms that you find interesting and worthwhile to read. But what makes it so popular? The vibrant colors, animations, and engaging UX are what have made it so popular amongst readers.

Why Do You Need to Download Flipboard?


  • You can choose the area of interest and make a top nine category.
  • It is close to an RSS reader but is more of a news app.
  • You can keep up with the information by looking into local news about the weather, regional news, commute, or sports.
  • You can turn on notifications by adding the app t the widget.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: Flipboard: The Social Magazine

11.  AP News

Number of Downloads: 1million+

Whether you are looking for local news or updates on international news coverage, AP News can accumulate information according to your interests as well as your region. The interface design is quite simple and does not contain complex visual elements or navigational options to confuse the app’s users.

Why do you need to download AP News?

Ap News

  • News can be notified in a personalized way and have custom notifications.
  • They have curated content with credible sources.
  • You can find other news like entertainment, controversies, travel, and music.
  • This app also offers every function in a personalized manner that helps the readers to have a sorted reading.
  • You will find amazing award-winning articles from different writers.
  • News lovers can read both local and global news at the same time.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: AP News

12.  SmartNews

Number of Downloads: 50million+

In this age of digital, there are a lot of online news readers, which is why SmartNews tried to opt for a unique approach to stand out. The app accumulates different news, updates, and sources and then forms a list of recommendations for you smartly. The main news headlines will only consist of the latest and trending topics, so by using SmartNews, you will never miss out on the latest updates from across the world.

Why Do You Need to Download SmartNews?


  • They have millions of new stories every day and articles are added from trending stories from around the world.
  • All the news is available on the user’s preference.
  • Users can change the outlook of the app for a better view.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: SmartNews: Local Breaking News

13.  Podcast Addict

Just as the name suggests, Podcast and Radio Addict is a fusion of a podcast/radio and a newsreader app. As for its collection of podcasts, the number has exceeded 450,000, so you can imagine how many podcasts a single app has in store.

It has made it to the list because of the fusion in news reading and podcasts. The newsfeed of the app is also evenly organized with sources, sites, and articles that match your interests accurately. The best part is that it even has support for platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. It allows you to view podcasts on these sites directly through the Podcast Addict app.

Why Do You Need to Download Podcast Addict?

Podcast Addict

  • The app is integrated with podcasts that help to listen and be updated from the most famous networks.
  • They have the option to connect the app with Bluetooth.
  • Podcast addict comes with storage access.

Click on the Link to Download the App from Google Store: Podcast Addict: Podcast Player

These are some of the most popular news apps for Android in 2023. These are curated based on their credibility and have the opportunity to improve the reading experience. Such news apps have transformed the way we used to read and how things were searched. You cannot turn away from these app as they are compelling, competitive and has intense importance.

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