Pokemon Home App on Switch, Ios and Android

February 19, 2020
Pokemon Home App Release Date and Cost

The wait is finally over, and the long-awaited “Pokemon Home App” is FINALLY out! Since the day it emerged out in the market, the players seem to have lost it completely, diving in to learn the basics. From getting familiar with the procedure for Pokemon Home App Download to being schooled on how the storage and cloud services work, we deliberately feel like it is time for us to take charge and guide you all from the very basics!

How To Get Pokemon Home – Know the Basics!

First things first, it is entirely free to sign up for the Pokemon Home App. Although, it must be kept in mind that there is a Premium version available for players who need extra ‘benefits’. Unlike the free version, the premium subscription for the Pokemon Home App allows its users to transfer their Pokémon from their Pokémon Bank account to their HOME account. The number of Pokemon that the players can deposit ranges from 30 to a gigantic 6,000.

While the premium subscription comes in numerous price ranges, the cheapest Pokemon Home App Costs around $16 per year. It is crucial here to mention that the application has been launched for 3 different mediums, i.e. Pokemon Home App for IOS, Android, and Switch. The methods for signing up, however, vary slightly depending on the platform you’d be using. Guiding you through the signup procedure, here is what you need to know:

Pokemon Home App for Android and IOS – How to Sign Up?

Based on the type of device you use, the application can be downloaded on both IOS and Android. The step-by-step guide to signing up is as follows:

  1. Set your location, language, and date of birth
  2. Get your Nintendo Account linked
  3. Choose your name and Starting Icon
  4. Get introduced by the NEW Professor Oak and get ready to explore!

Pokemon Home App for Switch – Signing Up Isn’t That Difficult!

  1. Download Pokemon Home App Apk file from Nintendo eShop
  2. Open the app after extracting the apk file
  3. Choose your language and click ‘Agree’ on the terms of service (it’s really long, like actually really long)
  4. After having that sorted out, you’d be asked whether you’ve downloaded the application on your mobile device. If you have already select “Yes.” If not, click “No.”
  5. Get introduced from Grand Oak, and you’re good to go!

Differences Between Switch and Mobile Versions:

While all the versions of Pokemon Home App allow users to transfer their Pokémon from the Pokémon Bank, some varying differences must be kept in mind. The Switch version for Pokémon Home doesn’t allow players to receive Mystery Gifts, trade, or view the News tabs and Battle data. These features, however, are found in the mobile version.

Contrary to that, the mobile version does not allow the trainers to move their Pokémon using Pokémon Shield or Sword. Moreover, it also doesn’t let users to get Battle Points in exchange for Pokémon Home points. Keeping these points into consideration, it is advised to the users to choose their preferences accordingly!

Pokémon Home App Cost – Is the Premium version Worth it?

For the ones asking, “Is Pokemon Home Free?” the answer is yes and no simultaneously. If you don’t want the extra features, keeping up with the free version is apparently worth it. But since the ‘Extra features’ Pokemon Home has in store are CRAZY, we’d suggest that it is worth the investment! Here are some of the benefits you get entitle to when you get yourself the premium version:

  • Relocate your Pokemon from Pokemon Bank to Home
  • Deposit up to 6,000 Pokemon in your Pokemon Home App
  • You get to trade up to 10 Pokémon in a Wonder Box in one go
  • Get entitled to the ‘Room Trade’ feature
  • You can see how active your Pokémon can be

My Pokémon Home Premium Subscription has Expired, What Should I Do?

Even though Pokemon Home App has a free version available, the paid version appears to be a much better option for the players to consider. Still, the question remains, ‘What happens to my Pokémon when my subscription expires?’ To that, here is what The Pokémon’s Company official stated:

“If you deposit 31 or more Pokémon in Pokémon Home while you have the Premium Plan, and your plan then changes to the no-cost Basic Plan, you will not be able to view or withdraw any Pokémon beyond the 30th Pokémon you deposited. By re-enrolling in the Premium Plan, you’ll be able to view all the information about the additional Pokémon as well as move them out of Pokémon Home.”

What’s the Take Away:

It all comes down to YOU, the players, and what you choose. Knowing the fact that Pokemon Home App is far better than what Pokémon Bank had to offer, it is essential here to consider the fact that Pokemon Bank removes your Pokémon if you couldn’t keep up with your premium subscription. Contrary to that, the Pokemon Home App doesn’t operate in the same way – a sigh of relief for the Poke-Lovers indeed!