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PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile

October 3, 2019
PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile

When PUBG was first released as a Battle Royale game, it was a crude concept. Nobody really knew what the game was about, except that it was a different take on multiplayer. Released exclusively for PC, the game focused on creating a character who was dropped in a sandbox world. You had to scavenge for weapons, and then start fighting. The aim was simple: be the last man standing. It was the classic multiplayer experience, except it had been packaged for something different. The rest, as they say, is history.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, abbreviated as PUBG, became a global hit. Brendan Greene, the creator, and designer, was instantly thrust in the spotlight, and the company began to expand rapidly. New texture packs were introduced, and the game underwent a plethora of different changes over time.

As the game began to go commercial, more and more people realized the potential within, and it didn’t take long before the company started working on a mobile version of PUBG. PUBG Mobile really helped the game expand into different directions, and it soon became a global hit.

Today, it’s a game that will be found on millions of mobile phones all over the world. It’s free to play, which is a departure from the conventional paid version that can be found on the PC variant. PUBG mobile is one of the many freemium games that you will find on the marketplace.

Simply put, the model allows you to start and play the game, but customization features are limited, and in order to really deck out your character with the coolest gear, you will need to spend money. The best thing about PUBG Mobile, however, is that it allows you to play online with your friends. Add your friends, create a squad, and start wreaking havoc online! It’s a fantastic way to get started with mobile gaming, and even though it fails to recapture the experience that you get when playing online, it’s still a better choice.

However, what sparked the success of PUBG Mobile was the fact that it offered an integrated experience without paying any money. You could simply start playing with a friend who had cosmetic items as long as you didn’t care about skins or how your in-game character looked.

Another benefit? Your progress could easily be carried over to the console version or the PC version as you please. It’s a fantastic idea for people who are interested in playing the game on multiple platforms and prefer the authentic Battle Royale experience.

But, judging by the success of PUBG Mobile, it didn’t take long for other companies to take notice, and the big players started mobilizing their leading franchises to try and break into the market.

Battlefield V released its Firestorm variant. Fortnite came to mobile, but neither could really breach the mobile market. Firestorm wasn’t even released on mobile anyway.

The company behind one of the longest-running shooter franchises of all time, Activision decided that it was finally time to port their greatest offering for mobile, and thus, they introduced Call of Duty Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile is the official COD game designed for mobile phones, allowing you to delve into the iconic multiplayer maps and modes that people have grown up playing.

From 5v5 deathmatches to sniper battles in a 1v1 environment, the game has it all. Despite a considerably troubled launch, the game has now been released officially, and now offers a separate option for people who want a unique Battle Royale experience. But, is the game really as different as it claims to be? Let’s talk about PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile, and how the two differ.

Game Menu

The game menu in COD actually represents a classic military setup, whereas PUBG has a more casual menu by showing you funky skins and other character options. The lobby for both the games is quite different, as well. PUBG gives off a more relaxed feel by showing players jumping, running, and just moving around, or hitting each other with Apples. It’s a laid back affair where you can just spend the time while you wait for the game to load.

Call of Duty, on the other hand, allows you to hook and grapple on various vehicles and have a good time. Next up, we talk about the jump. Whenever a Battle Royale game begins, the players are heralded into the game from the top. PUBG has a conventional Globemaster, whereas COD has a modern-looking airplane from which you are dropped.

The fun thing here is that COD gives all players a wingsuit, which means your drop is much quicker, allowing you to get into the game quickly and get started right away.


The bread and butter of every Battle Royale game is the variety of weapons, and CoD really excels in that department. Giving you an arsenal of weaponry including RPGs, various military-grade weapons, and a lot more, CoD really spoils you for choice. For people who have been playing PUBG for a while, they would already know the choice of weapons. But, Cod breathes in fresh air into a concept that was getting boring by the time.


There are a number of vehicles in PUBG that can add a whole new layer of gameplay. However, the driving in PUBG usually feels shallow, and the company has even publicly admitted that they are working on the driving mechanics. However, COD suffers from no such problems. The driving is strong, and you get proper feedback while driving, as well. There’s a helicopter in the game as well, which adds a whole new dimension of fighting in-game because you can bring the entire copter down with the rocket launcher.


Now, let’s get to the main part. PUBG has never been renowned for its graphical fidelity. In fact, if you want a game that’s good on graphics, you might want to look elsewhere. The game has never received any positive plaudits for its graphical fidelity, and it probably never will. However, when it comes to gameplay, PUBG is more popular due to the ease of access and availability.

COD is backed by Activision, a gaming powerhouse, and has established itself as one of the biggest franchises of all time. However, in the mobile world, COD still has a ways to go. If you want active matchmaking and quick gameplay, go with PUBG. It’s not that taxing on mobile phones either, so you can easily find a match within a few moments.

COD, on the other hand, has yet to establish its footing. While the game is pretty decent, it will take a bit of time for it to cement its footing in the mobile world.