The Best Android Apps 2019

December 27, 2018
The Best Android Apps 2019

Both the Android and IOS app stores contain thousands of apps of every sort. Some are able to earn a renowned name while some are forgotten. Many factors decide this notion and it could be because of adverts, poor user experience, and even bugs, the success of these apps is based on several factors. However, with thousands of apps being uploaded almost every day, it becomes arduous for many to find the right one. The key is to satisfy the user requirements and needs and if an app fulfills it then it is deemed as successful.

The year 2019 has been a great year for various sorts of apps. That is why we have collected the Best Android apps 2019 that you definitely need to have in your smartphone.

Google Translate – 4.4 Reviews

As you may already know that Google Translate is a prominent translating tool for the web but it also has both an Android app. It is probably the most widely used translation app on the web and mobile app platform and it offers its users with a great range of functions. Due to the user interface being highly simplistic, you can type any word or sentence that you want to translate and choose the language of your choice. Google Translate allows you to select from its extensive list of 103 languages however, the best part is that this app even has a feature for voice detection.

Canva – 4.7 Reviews

While photo-editing apps are several, you simply cannot miss this one exceptional app. Canva is more than a photo-editing app as it is equipped with several functions and features. You can not only edit and add filters to your images but also create Facebook cover photos, infographics, and brochures from scratch. You simply have to drag and drop the design elements without having to draw or create anything yourself. It is free to download an app with premium features available in in-app purchases but you can do so much with its free version as well.

Zedge – 4.6 Reviews

The dilemma of running out of wallpapers and monotonous is daunting and all of us have been there. However, you should not fret as Zedge has all your wallpaper finding needs covered. From wallpapers to ringtones, you can even set tones for your alarm clock. This app has gained overnight success since it brought an innovational change to the additional internal accessories we add to our smartphones. You can customize your phone’s layout according to your preferences and adjust its design as well. You could be bothered by advertisements but it is free to download and in turn, you acquire quality wallpapers.

IGTV – 3.9 Reviews

Instagram recently updated its story feature with something entirely new. Instagram stories are limited to 15 seconds only but IGTV is different. The main idea behind this app is to broadcast live videos and then upload them on your Instagram profile under the IGTV tab. Your followers can easily view your uploaded videos and that allows you to connect to them without the hassle. You do not have to rely on any other platform for live streaming purposes as IGTV let you upload videos of up to 60 minutes.

Daylio – 4.8 Reviews

Maintaining a personal diary has been a favorite activity for many people and there are several apps for it. However, not most people have heard about a daily mood journal. With Daylio, you can create a private mood diary of your own but you do not have to fill the pages to make it look like a diary. You simply have to pick a day and then add a mood icon relevant to how your day was. You can also add activities such as if you watched a movie or if you read a book. You can keep a track of all of your daily activities in one single app. Daylio will then analyze those records and display a table of stats for you.

Instagram Lite – 4.1 Reviews

Most social media platforms have introduced a lightweight version. Facebook was the first one to do it but now Instagram has entered the game as well. The concept behind having these apps, which we call as ‘Lite’ apps, is that they do not consume many of your resources and provide you with the same functionalities and user experience. Instagram Lite has gained popularity on the Google Play Store and you can use Instagram without any hurdles. Whether your concern is poor internet speed or low memory, you can use the Lite version of this app.

1Weather – 4.6 Reviews

You can never get enough of weather apps but there are not many useful ones out there. However, 1weather has brought an entirely new turn to such apps. With a simplistic design, it is not confusing to navigate through the app and this app allows you to view a forecast of 12 weeks or so. The stats and metrics are reliable with no compromise on the actual data of the current or future weather. This app has both a free version and a premium version. It is up to you if you want to download the free version as it has all of the features but if you do not want adverts then you can opt for its premium app.

Google Play Music – 4.0 Reviews

Google Play Music

Music streaming services are plenty but Google is steadfast in almost every sort of mobile app creation. Google Play Music allows you to store the audio files that you download and you can play them offline or online without any charges at all. You can add countless audio and music files as there is no limit to how much content or files you are saving to the app. Many other streaming and music apps exist too but no app gives you a smooth user experience as Google Music does.