The Best Fitness and Workout Apps for 2020

September 11, 2019
Best Workout Apps 2020

If you think of two things that have picked up a fair bit globally, in the last decade or so, what would they be? One, we know, is the creation and use of mobile applications. This point is endorsed by a revenue forecast for mobile app industry earnings as well as by statistics that indicate a steady growth in downloading mobile apps.

The other is physical fitness and its awareness. An article published by Forbes claims that there could be several reasons for this, including the rising cost of healthcare, greater availability of gyms or exercise classes, and wearable fitness tech, among other things.

Merging Tech and Fitness

Apart from wearable tech, something that has thrilled fitness freaks and matched our obsessive (yet mostly healthy) need to be more in control of our health, is the advent of fitness apps. Fitness apps allow users to monitor various aspects of one’s physical health while offering features that help users implement changes in their daily lives.

You have fitness apps that focus on nutrition, exercise, and those that focus on both.

Records show that in 2018, the Fitbit app alone had a staggering 27.4 million active users, and this was just in the US. Today, billions around the globe use fitness apps in some shape or form. Like the app industry in general, according to sources, the global workout and fitness app industry is predicted to rise as well.

Workout Apps to Look For Next Year

Workout apps are a great way to help you get into shape. The problem is, there are literally over a hundred thousand workout apps out there! How does one go about choosing the right one?

If you’re curious about what’s over the horizon and are looking for the best fitness and workout apps for 2020, we’ve got some useful suggestions.

Couch to 5K


First on our list is Couch to 5K, available on both iOS and Android. What we love about this app is that it is targeted at individuals who need to be eased into a daily workout routine (which would describe most of us). The app is centered on running and starts individuals up on manageable goals which gradually increase in both intensity and distance covered.

If you’re looking to get your stamina and cardio back in order or want to do something that doesn’t involve weights or classes, this app is the answer.

Pocket Yoga

pocket yoga

This app is available in both iOS and Android versions. Though it is not a free workout app, it is certainly worth the investment. Apart from containing detailed instructions for the execution of various yoga positions, the app also provides reviews for positions. These reviews contain information about the health benefits of the position in question and other related details.

Though recommended for intermediate yoga practitioners, the app is brilliant for beginners as well.



Fitnote is an easy-to-use and simple app suited to those starting exercise or workout routines as well as those who are regulars and want to achieve pointed fitness goals. The app offers a variety of exercise categories allowing users to log their daily achievements. These logs can later be used to track personal development and clock areas that need improvement. Notifications and alerts are sent when certain self-set goals are achieved.

The only problem with Fitnote is that the app is currently only available on Android. Let’s hope 2020 comes with an iOS version.

Strong Lifts 5X5

Strong Lifts 5X5

If it’s a weight and strength training app you’re looking for, we recommend Strong Lifts 5X5. Designed for dedicated gym enthusiasts, the app helps users organize standard 5-set exercise routines of roughly 30 – 50 minutes each. The app offers everything from video instructions to exercise routines you are required to follow. All progress is graphed by the app so you can track your development later.

Beginners and intermediate gym-goers could benefit quite a bit from this particular app!



If weight training and hitting the gym isn’t your thing, and you need something Android friendly, try out Sworkit. Sworkit was so good it was reviewed in an article published by the Business Insider. Easily one of the best fitness workout apps for 2020, Sworkit offers users a variety of exercises primarily from the areas of cardio, stretching, yoga, and bodyweight training. Designed by health scientists, the app is meant to offer users a balanced combination of exercise types.

This app is great to get started with but is also one you can keep on using in the long run. The app is available in both Android and iOS versions.



Something many of us can relate to is exercising regularly but somehow not quite seeing the results we’re looking for. If you’re someone struggling with this, the app you want to check out next year is MyFitnessPal. This app works best on iOS and even better if you have an apple watch to sync it with. However, an Android version which is just as useful is also available. What makes this app interesting is that it combines calorie counting with your exercise monitoring.

You enter the calorie value of your meals, and the app tells you if or not you’ve done enough exercise to burn what you took in. Simple, straightforward, and highly effective!

Other Apps Available

Fitness apps help motivate us because we can track and chart our progress. They offer useful information when we get stuck and provide the structure we need to develop healthy exercise routines. Here’s the thing, though the apps mentioned above are among what we feel are the best workout apps of 2020, there is a large number of other applications as well that may be worth checking out. We’ll keep reviewing the different apps for you. Stay fit people!