Top 5 Framework For Mobile Application Development 2019

July 16, 2019
Top 5 frame Work For Mobile Application development 2019

The conventional methods of building and running different types of businesses have evolved entirely. Now mobile apps are the impetus to drive traffic and user retention towards online businesses, not websites. Since almost every individual worldwide owns a smartphone so they must have complete access to mobile apps on their smartphones as well. That automatically makes it logical to shift towards mobile apps for running businesses than relying on a website for it.

With the competition increasing so quickly, the app industry is trying to keep up with these constant advancements. Initially, developers used to rely on programming languages but half of the work has been made easier with the emergence of different app development frameworks. Now if you just choose a befitting framework, you will fasten the app development process to an extent.

The two core operating systems for every app out there are iOS and Android so the best frameworks for app development should have complete support for both the operating systems. So for that, you will surely need to have the right framework in mind. We have compiled a list of all the popular and reliable Framework For Mobile Application Development that are trending in 2019.

React Native

Cross-platform app development techniques have gained popularity just recently. This concept did not exist a few decades ago and the app development processes for both the Android and IOS platforms were difficult to execute at once. Now with the emergence of React Native, both app designers and developers can create a particular piece or snippet of code that can be used for the two existing operating systems for apps namely Android and IOS. The best part about React Native is that is it open source so the app developers are not limited to its use and application.


While it cannot be compared with the vast amount of features and tools React Native provides but Ionic also is used on a great scale for app development. Since it does not cost you anything, you can easily use it as a core framework for your app’s creation. The app environment this framework support is native but it comes equipped with different features of HTML, JavaScript as well as CSS3. The framework has been continually upgraded so if you are an app developer who wants to use the latest app technologies then Ionic is the one for you and for your apps.

Adobe PhoneGap

The changes in app development frameworks and operating systems are very frequent so if you want to stay updated with these changes then Adobe PhoneGap can become your utmost choice as a mobile application development framework. Just like React Native, PhoneGap is equipped with all the features that give support to cross-platform app development. However, you can even utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with all the existing features of cross-platform app development. The app that will be created is going to be a hybrid one. You might not have heard of this framework since React Native has become so famous but it is still a framework as powerful as React Native is.


It surely comes as a surprise to many that Microsoft has designed Xamarin and that too for the development of iOS and Android apps. The only added advantage is that developers can create Microsoft based apps from Xamarin framework as well. The framework is equipped with a codebase for C# which works for both Android and iOS immaculately. Once you have created and compiled the code, you can even share it on your Windows or macOS environment. The option of sharing codes on different platforms is the sole reason why developers prefer it since that is what makes it so fast and time-saving.


Now that we have added an app development framework by Microsoft, so why not just add a framework by Google too. Flutter has been created by Google and the best part is that it is open source and it will not cost you anything to utilize it for app development on different scales. The mobile app development framework is an SDK and it also supports cross-platform app development so you can assume it is a core competitor for React Native. However, it uses Dart language, which is new for most app developers. Flutter is even integrated with support for Skia for the rendering of 2D Objects and code snippets.


Knowing what framework to use is as important as the entire development concept for a plan. Before making a selection, you should do your research and analyze why you are thinking to choose a particular framework over the others. A lot of other reasons matter too but out of all the mobile app development frameworks we have mentioned, the one with cross-platform app development abilities are the ones to choose.

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