Latest update to Windows 10 has a bug that could break VPN services

Latest Update To Windows 10 Has A Bug and Issue That Could Break VPN Services

July 10, 2019

Latest Update To Windows 10 Has A Bug and Issue That Could Break VPN Services

Latest update to Windows 10 has a bug that could break VPN services

VPN services are meant to provide users a private and secure environment but if a bug has entered the VPN then that could become a real problem. However, in the latest Windows update in May 2019, Microsoft announced the possibility of a bug in its VPN services.

Now this bug can likely interfere with all the private networks users use. The direct connection of this bug is with the Remote Access Connection Manager that lets Windows OS control and manage all the connected VPNs.

What does RASMAN do exactly? Does it just connect and manage all active and current VPN connections? RASMAN has to work and keep on running in the background or else the VPN will lose its connectivity and access. This bug will hamper directly in RASMAN and most likely break the connection of the VPN.

Who exactly uses a VPN?

Now that you know Windows 10 has a new VPN bug, you should now understand what exactly the purpose of a VPN is and who uses it. Probably every individual who has access to the internet has used a VPN or created a virtual private network for one reason or another. So, a great amount of people is used to using VPNs and the reason is mostly security or privacy. Now if there is an interference in the security of a private network then it certainly does not sound acceptable. There probably exist over a million people who are Windows users so they would have been affected by this recent Windows 10 bug.

Windows 10 VPN Bug

The VPN services rely on RASMAN so if that stops working abruptly then know there has been the hampering of a bug that has caused this abrupt error. Microsoft has become aware of the bug and has even uploaded an official message about the error on its support page.

According to Microsoft, this issue is related to the configuration of a VPN profile. If you have changed the configuration settings to AOVPN, which stands for ‘Always On VPN’ then that is what is causing this bug to interfere. However, if you have created a manual connection to a VPN account or profile then you are going to stay unaffected.

Unfortunately, the usual habit of many people is to use an AOVPN and that is what has caused this bug to occur. Regions and countries that have censorship issues or restrictions are the ones where VPNs are used the most commonly. AOVPN can be disabled but that would have its worse effects as well.

How do you fix the bug for good?

Now on to the main concern – the solution to get rid of this VPN bug. Currently, the only possible solution is one, which we are going to guide you through as well. The most proper solution is the following:

  • First, open your PC and from there open the Computer Configuration.
  • Now once you are there, go to Administrative Templates.
  • Later on, look for Windows Components.
  • Go to Data Collection and Preview Builds.
  • Click on Allow Telemetry
  • Now enable Safe Policy Setting to different levels (Basic, Enhanced, and Full)

What other methods and alternatives exist?

If you think this option alone is not feasible enough then there is an alternative available as well. You can access your Windows Registry file and make some needed changes to it. However, only follow this alternative method if you know how to access and make changes to the Registry. If not, you will make some serious issues to the registry files and lose some important data. So it is suggested to follow the method we have mentioned earlier since it is simple and has fewer chances of risks involved as well.

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