Abundant development track record

We have developed hundreds of smartphone applications

Multi-platform support

We have development technology for both iPhone and Android platforms

App specialist designer

We can propose illustrations suitable for user interfaces with high usability.

Development system

We are able to flexibly handle from urgent small projects to large projects.

Get your feasible e-commerce site like AliExpress

Retrocube has been developing apps with a wide variety of functions even before the smart device market became active, and now has a track record of developing hundreds of apps for iOS and Android. When we create app like AliExpress or during the development of any app, we not only implement the functions, but also as a mobile expert we try to develop usability and operability in each terminal and each OS. We are engaged in the research and development of iPhone/iPad (iOS), which boasts a 70% share of the domestic market in the rapidly accelerating smartphone market. Our agency offers proposals that take advantage of a wide variety of functions and technological know-how. Even from consultations when the concept is not fixed, we will make app like AliExpress and develop iPhone applications with proposals that make use of our abundant achievements.

Free Consultation

High Tier mobile app
development process

Android development (tablet/smartphone)

We develop apps with a high degree of freedom in a speedy manner, and you can freely plan and distribute apps without worrying about the restrictions of carriers and terminal makers.

iOS (iPhone, iPad) development

IPhone/iPad apps are widely used for content business and promotion, with their stylish appearance and interface as weapons. We plan and propose apps that can make the best use of your business style.

Hybrid app development

We can also propose a hybrid development method that supports 2OS with one source. Cost reduction is possible compared to normal 2OS development due to reduction of man-hours.

Windows tablet development

We have a record of producing apps for Windows phones and tablets also, so please feel free to contact us.

Design production

We provide high-quality design production services that meet your budget and needs by consistently performing in-house production from development to design.

Web security service

We provide services that boast a high vulnerability detection rate.

Make an app like AliExpress with all the expertise

The smartphone market is rapidly accelerating. At Retrocube, we know how to create app like AliExpress and we are engaged in research and development of applications for Android that boast about 70% of the world market share. We develop apps that maximize the customizability of the open source Android OS to support companies' Android utilization. We will realize the application development of the company with the planning and the execution ability that make use of the track record.

Create an app that fulfils your online business needs

We have development technology for both Android and iOS platforms and help people to understand that how to make app like AliExpress, and also support localization of applications. Therefore, it is possible to develop an application regardless of the platform. Of course, we accept not only development from scratch, but also renovation of existing Android applications and application operation after development. Our agency also supports the development of iPhone applications for business and sales support, and by developing iPhone/iPad applications with a sophisticated UI (user interface), we will maximize the support for iPhone/iPad utilization in companies.

Develop a Fully Customized app like AliExpress

We have developed various apps for various industries such as consumer, business, iOS, Android, web, front end, back end, etc. We provide not only the visual design, but also the service design that can solve the user's problem. We will build app like AliExpress for you and will pursue and design what we should do to improve the user's experience. We will identify the essence of the project, select the optimal technology while considering the balance between cost and results, and lead the project to success. Even if other companies can't do it, as is natural, the technical ability to easily pull it off is due to the accumulated experience of application development. While working on design and development at many bases, operation at the lowest cost is done.

Implementations of the Creativity to get Utmost results

We possess development technology for both iPhone and Android platforms, and we can localize applications, so it is possible to develop applications without being caught by the platform. Not only development from scratch, but of course we also accept modifications to existing iPhone applications. We develop app like AliExpress and wide range of other iPhone and android apps, regardless of genre, such as social game apps that are downloaded to the general user more than 1 million times, and apps that allow you to select costumes from the catalog and make reservations. Our experts know how to develop app like AliExpress for our clients and also guide them during the whole process.

More Regarding Our Excellent Approach

Regardless of the type of app you want, we guarantee that we furnish you with the best. When you connect with our specialists, they assemble significant subtleties of your ideas and get to work immediately. Within a small amount of time, you begin to see your thought transform into a design, plan and then a wondrous application.

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More Information Regarding Our Capabilities

Mobile application development is a complex and quite a laborious process. To make it simple for you to understand how we process mobile application development, we will talk about each stage of our work in our own collaborative way. Retrocube is pleased to come up with something new and original, to optimize everyday tasks and manage them.