Social Media Apps Are Becoming
a Global Phenomenon

Influencers, bloggers and social media enthusiasts all over the world have now understood the power of social media and networking sites hold. For that reason, it is not unusual to see businesses, startups and individuals finding out how to create an app like Instagram or any other existing social media.

The process to create app like Instagram is quite extensive and the developers at Retrocube are there to guide you through it. We know our clients are in a constant search to find resources that let them customize the social media apps they want. Publishing your app on app stores of Android and iOS is not an issue for us, as we know how to make an app like Instagram that sticks out in every app store there is.

Build App Like Instagram in 3 Simple Phases

Creating and designs apps like Instagram has never been so easier.

Customizable Layout

We ask you to choose a design template to fully customize

Choose Features

Next, you choose the features you want to add into your app

App Release

Once done with the design selection and app completion, it is time to launch it

What Retrocube Offers In Its App Builder

Leading in Instagram like app development, here is what Retrocube has to offer to you.

  • Post photos, videos, and digital media in real-time.
  • Share visual content on your profile and to your followers.
  • Increase your follower count on a global scale.
  • Enable push messages in your app for others.
  • Availability on every leading app store to date.

How Much Will The App Cost?

The cost for making and designing an app like Instagram can get very costly if you keep adding features gradually but at Retrocube we offer our clients a fixed cost and we do not deviate from it.

You just have to pay upfront for the app package you have selected to create Instagram app and our support representatives will get in touch with you in no time.

How Our Social Media Applications Work

We make sure your cost to build an app like Instagram is justified by offering you quality and unique features for your app. Users can connect to their contacts, share photos, upload videos and speak their heart out on their profile feed without any hindrances. Here is how we do it.

  • Email Authorization

    The app asks for an email authorization before you create your account on it

  • Send Images

    Send images in private conversations or across public pages through your profile

  • Social Media Sharing

    Share your pictures and videos on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter

  • Global Connections

    A platform where you can connect and socialize with people around the world

  • Search Users

    A separate search panel where you can search for users by inputting the usernames

  • Image Filters

    An extensive range of filters along with editing options such as crop, color correction etc.

  • Message Users

    Directly message others and start private chats with your followers

  • Personal Profile

    Create your profile from scratch and add your picture, details and relevant information.

  • Update Activities

    Tell your connections where you currently are and upload different activities on your profile

  • Monetize Your Content

    Share and upload sponsored posts by monetizing them through the app

Our Extensive Development Process
for Social Media Apps

App Requirements

The initial step is to understand client requirements for the social media app. Once the analysis phase is done, only then we proceed to the next step

Prototype Creation

After we know what exactly you want in your app, we begin to create visual wireframes of your app. You will be given each prototype screen and we will wait for your approval.

App Design

Once the app wireframe is finalized, the actual app design process begins then. From designing the user interface to integrating intuitive user experiences, the design phase ends there.

Development Phase

The development phase does not take our developers a lot of time to create your social media app. We add only the features you asked for and make changes where needed.

App Deployment

After your approval, we share the app and publish it on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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