The Need For Social Media And
Communication Apps

Several social media platforms and apps have already proven to us that sharing media online, socializing and gaining information is the new landscape to conventional mediums for communication. With time, these online social platforms have turned into business models with lucrative benefits for those who own them.

Now every business and individual intends to have a business in the form of a socializing or communication app. It is not as easy as it sounds, as you have to offer your users with new and unique features.

We, at Retrocube, have heard your concerns to create similar apps to the renowned Snapchat.

Estimating The Cost Of
Developing Your App

Knowing how much did it cost to create Snapchat is a subjective question as the overall estimated cost for a similar app varies on different levels. As for Retrocube, we have made sure to keep the client budget in time and provide app development solutions that befit the needs, requirements, and budgets of both enterprise-level and small-scale businesses.

If you have a similar idea for an app and you are worried about its execution and consumption of expenses, get in touch with the Retrocube team.

Overview Of Features Of
Apps Like Snapchat

The idea to build app like Snapchat surely does sound exciting but if you do not have the expertise to create one yourself, our developers at Retrocube will include all the features you need.

  • Taking Snaps

    Users can take snaps in the form of short videos and photos and then upload on their profile

  • Sharing Snaps

    After taking and uploading the snaps, the app has the feature to share snaps across social media channels

  • Lenses and Filters

    Unique filters and lenses to add to your images or videos before uploading

  • Geofilters and Designs

    Animated geofilters or design layouts to add to pictures or videos after taking them

  • Friend List

    Users can add friends on their apps and send them snaps through their profiles

  • Chatting Feature

    Other than sharing snaps, users can message other users and send personally send the snaps

  • Video Calls

    Option to begin video calls with other app users added to the friend list

  • Audio Calls

    Availability of audio calls for app users along with the option to record audio clips

  • Upload Story

    Users can take snaps and upload the snaps as stories on their profiles for public viewing

  • Discover Stories

    Feature to discover popular stories on your dashboard related to new updates and news

The Process For How To Make An
App Like Snapchat

We might be needing your assistance for approving the variations and changes we make to create Snapchat like app but our experts can handle most of the work themselves. Here is the process we follow to make your app.
Research Phase

We begin the app development process by thoroughly conducting research to understand your app requirements and needs better. We learn how the competitors of your app would incorporate different features to make their app look similar to Snapchat.

App Features

Once done with the research, our Snapchat app developer works alongside you to figure out all the features you intend to add to your mobile app. We provide you with an extensive list of probable app features which you can choose accordingly.

App Design

The third phase includes the finalization of the design you need for your app. We assign this task to the design team and wait for your approval. Upon approval of the design and the prototype screens, the design is sent to the development team.

App Development

The app development team looks into the intricate details of the design and exerts its efforts in finding the perfect development strategy for how to create an app like Snapchat. All your desired features are added to the app and the development phase is completed.

Launch Time

After complete testing and approval of testing modules, your app enters the launch phase. We make sure no errors are left in the app code and then we publish it to the app store. The process does not end there as we also provide timely maintenance to your app.

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