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Spotify has become one of the worldwide renowned music streaming apps and is continually advancing with new features. In order to create app like Spotify, it is required to first have a unique idea. Even if you do not have a solid idea, At Retrocube, we can brainstorm ideas, app designs and its overall features for you.

Thinking about what you need to create my own music app? If you have a killer idea then we can turn it into a reality for you.

Stages We Follow For Music
App Development

Are you thinking about how to make your own music app? Let Retrocube handle it for you.

App Idea and Brief

Our clients approach us with an idea for a music app. We then analyze the requirements in the project brief carefully and align the needs of the client.

App Prototype

After understanding client requirements for the app, our team commences with the creation of a visual prototype. We make sure the prototype is visually simple and allows the client to understand each module with ease.

App Design

Upon approval of the prototypes, our designers make the interface screens of the music app. We follow client recommendations and make tweaks where deemed necessary.

App Development

We align each app development phase in a client-specific log. Once each phase is decided, our developers who know how to make music app begin working on its creation.

App Launch

The final phase is app launch across your chosen app store. Before we submit and publish it for review, we make any changes the client asks for.

Exceptional Features For
Your Music App

Now if you were wondering about how to make create a music streaming app then our experts are here to guide
you through the excellent features as we have in store for you.

  • Search Songs

    Unlimited options to search songs by track name, artist or album without extra charges

  • Music Collection

    Create your personal playlist and
    share with other app users

  • Diverse Categories

    Dozens of songs to choose from in hundreds
    of music categories

  • Global Songs

    Get a list of songs from artists all around the world in different languages

  • Share Songs

    Share songs from your playlist across different social media platforms

  • Save Music

    Save music to your playlist and
    play it in offline mode

  • Editor’s Choice

    A separate section for editor’s choice with latest song releases and updates

  • Payment Options

    Online payment methods and gateways available for buying paid plans

  • Mark Favorites

    Mark any song, artist or album as your favorite and save all your songs at once

  • App Notifications

    Notify users about new songs or album releases in the form of push notifications

Affordable Pricing To Make App Like Spotify

If you want to know how much did it cost to make Spotify then know that not every music app is meant to be the same. From the phase of designing to the overall resources consumed to develop the app, many efforts are exerted to create a music streaming app. At Retrocube, we ensure affordability with all of our app solutions. Simply select the platform or operating system you need for your app and we will guide you through the app completion process.

Send us your project brief today and we will estimate your music app development cost along with free consultation.

How Does The Spotify App Work?

While we have a talented team of developers and app designers who know how to create a music app for you but you should know the basic idea behind the architecture of music streaming and sharing app. Just as how Spotify works, we store music and relevant audio files on secure servers. Whenever a new song is searched for, the server displays the song to your app irectly.

An overall view of the internal Spotify music sharing and streaming functionality.

Device cache is checked for prior streaming of a specific song.

The app finds the song from the cache and brings it from the server.

If it is not in the cache, the app will search the cache of nearby active Spotify apps.

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