Bring A Musical Boom On Apps
With Entertaining Videos

Sending out engaging and interesting video messages to your family members, colleagues and social media followers has now taken a unique turn. Lip-syncing to song lyrics or to an iconic movie scene, apps like and TikTok are the new norm to social entertainment.

Does it not sound fun to you? Are you now eager to know how to make an app like musical ly and Tik Tok? At Retrocube, we have a sound and innovative solution for all your needs.

Monetize Your App With Ease

Are you done knowing how to make app like TikTok? With the app in hand, you should know
how to monetize your app and make it a lucrative business.

In-App Purchases

The most common monetization form is to incorporate in-app purchasing options into your app. We allow our clients to only keep the in-app purchases for unlocking new filters or features.


Placing adverts into your mobile app is another good idea to earn through apps. We help you display ads in your app that engage the users, not bother them.


There is even the availability of fundraising if the other monetization methods do not work for you. Fundraising for apps is quite common so get in touch with the relevant investors and raise the money you need for your app.

Create App Like TikTok And Gain Global Attention

Musical and lip-syncing apps are already gaining global popularity. We are not asking you to jump on the bandwagon instead the app developers and specialists at Retrocube will help you curate unique features and content that will make millions of users use your app and watch clips on it. Rank your app amongst the apps with the highest rankings on the iOS and Android app stores.

We Guarantee Utmost User Safety And Privacy

Getting an app made from unreliable development companies or resorting to freelancers is surely a breach to user privacy and your app’s privacy as well. Enforcement of quality content along with user safety is not easy to manage and execute but Retrocube knows how to create app like Tik Tok that sustains maximum privacy at all times.

Comprehensive List Of App Features

Retrocube is here to help you make an app like TikTok.

  • User Experience

    Uncomplicated user interface integrated with unique features and filters

  • Hashtags

    Add hashtags to videos and clip snippets in the form of live-ops

  • Expressions

    An extensive list of expressions to add filters and AR effects to clips

  • Have Duets

    Collaborate with other app users and start a personalized duet of your own

  • Share Profiles

    Share your profile across different social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook

  • Voice Recording

    Allows users to record videos with their voice with an in-built recording feature

  • Music Library

    Diverse music library containing different categories of clips and music

  • Share Media

    Share photos and videos on your profile or with other users

  • Add Filters

    Option to add filters and special effects while you record videos

  • Push Notifications

    Allows users to enable push notifications for new announcements and updates

  • Cross-Platform

    Availability on cross-platform operating systems such as Android and iOS

The Cost To Develop A TikTok App

With an engaging user interface and experience, your users are bound to become avid fans of an app like TikTok or However, if you are a new startup looking to invest in such an app, you have to get your app costs, resources and other priorities straight.

The measures that revolve around calculating the estimated cost of executing how to make Tik Tok like app are the following.

Once Retrocube calculates each expense for your app’s development, only then we commence with the design and development phase. If you have made up your mind to present us with your app idea or project brief then do not wait any longer as we have every single need of yours covered.

  • Selection of app platform and operating systems such as Android or iOS
  • Region determined for the app
  • Further complications and shortcomings during development
  • Incorporation of extra features not added in the project brief
  • Total number of resources spent and consumed for app development

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to create a mobile application like TikTok depends mainly on the functionalities of the application; the more the features are, the more it’s going to cost. It is all interlinked. Good features bring in more users and retain the previous ones. Associating with our services, you can get an application like TikTok through cost-effective solutions, it can all come true.