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The entire realm of ridesharing services has been changed with the emergence of Uber. Now commonly used worldwide, people have been looking for lucrative yet similar ideas to Uber for starting a business of their own. It is no longer difficult to look for apps like Uber as clone apps have made it easier for both novice and professional app developers to learn how the development process works.

Clients have been asking around for Uber like app for services majorly meant to book and schedule online rides. All you have to do is rely on the right Uber app development company and all your concerns will be resolved.

Steps For How To Create An
App Like Uber

App Design

The initial stage is to select a befitting design template for your app. You even have the leverage to customize the design further.

Feature Selection

It is not set in stone for every taxi or booking app to have similar features. You can choose features that you deem fit and organize them accordingly.

Launch Phase

The final phase is to launch it in the app stores of Android or iOS. You can keep app performance in check and look into insights gradually.

Estimate Cost To Build
App Like Uber

Understanding how each feature and module works is very crucial for Uber like app developers. However, before you know all the essential details of creating such an app, you should also be aware of the estimate or fixed cost of building such an app. The cost is dependent on a number of aspects.

  • Selection of app operating systems such as Android or iOS platforms
  • Measuring quality and user-friendliness of UI/UX design.
  • Integration of a total number of features in the app.
  • Time consumed to design and develop the app before launching it.

Modules Required To Build App Like Uber

Now once you know the core attributes of how to make an app like Uber, the next phase is to separate different user modules such as drivers and customers and align them to understand the ecosystem of Uber like app development.

  • User Registration

    The app has a user panel for a separate passenger registration.

  • Profile Settings

    Users can build a customized profile with their relevant personal details.

  • Book Rides

    Upon selection of transport medium or car types, the user can book a ride.

  • Ride Tracking

    Passengers can track their ride in real-time before the journey even begins.

  • Ride Scheduling

    If you want to book a ride for later, the app will have the relevant scheduling options available.

  • Discounts and Coupons

    Occasional coupons, discounts and free rides for new and loyal customers.

  • Calculating Fare

    Only an estimated fare will be displayed on the app interface, which is likely to change as well.

  • Schedule Ride Time

    If you want to book a ride for later, the app will have the relevant scheduling options available.

  • Payment and Deduction

    The passenger can select from two types of payment options, upfront and automatic deduction through online payments.

  • Rating Drivers

    Once the ride ends, the passenger can rate the driver and even submit a review or a positive remark for the driver.

  • Ride and Booking History

    There are two separate options for viewing your active bookings and for viewing your prior ride history through passenger profile.

  • Input Location

    The app makes sure the passenger inputs correct pickup location by dropping a pin at the destination.

  • Driver Registration

    Drivers will have a separate dashboard for registering directly to the app as a driver.

  • Add and Edit Details

    Option to add personal and car details with the option to update them as they please.

  • Accept and Reject Rides

    Drivers can accept nearby rides and reject them if the ride does not deem fit to them.

  • Navigational Options

    Live tracking of passenger location along with the option to navigate to the pickup point.

  • Update Status

    Once the driver accepts the ride, the passengers will notice the change in ride status at the time of booking.

  • Destination Navigation

    The app is integrated with Google Maps so drivers can easily navigate to the destination.

  • Collect Payment

    Once the ride ends, either an automatic online payment will be generated or the customer will pay upfront.

  • Customer Rating

    The rider has the choice to rate and review the passenger just as a customer does so.

  • View Ride History

    The drivers can view and manage their current and old bookings through their dashboard.

Features Our Uber
App Builder Offers

Book In Real-Time

Real-time booking options for every ride and location

Advanced Booking Options

Save time by booking your cab in advance

Manage Your Bookings

View all your active and old bookings on your dashboard

View Fare Estimate

Get a fare estimate before your journey even ends

Live Location Tracking

Locate rides for availability and track the nearest options in real-time

Display Driver Profile

You can view your driver’s profile after booking a ride

Online Payment

Accept payments online through secure payment gateways

Share Your Feedback

Upload your review and share experiences with other users

Frequently Asked Questions

The costing of an application like Uber solely depends on the features that are being incorporated within the application. However, our services offer packages and solutions that are cost-effective. Not only do we deliver resolutions that are like no other in the market but tailor exceptional methodologies that are based on our clients' requirements.

Creating applications like Uber requires a thorough process, where each stage adds a layer of features and functionalities within the application. Our services make it easier to cover all aspects that an application needs to succeed in the market. They have been specifically tailored to meet all ends and deliver exceptional user experiences.

The time duration required for an application like Uber to come into existence depends on several factors, for example, the features that are being implemented within the application and how the design is supposed to appear. Our company delivers applications, within their deadline, that are not only flawless but offer functionalities that stand out.

Programming languages are required to develop Uber-like applications. However, it all comes down to the kind of application you want and wish to achieve. Our team of highly skilled developers has an adept understanding of programming languages, which allows them to create applications that surpass all expectations and requirements.

There are several tools that can be used to develop Uber-like applications. The list is long; however, based on the features of your application, you will have to pick the best tool for your application. Our services have sufficient knowledge of tools that are sustainable to create Uber-like applications. We promise to provide applications that are going to satisfy you and your users.

Yes, you can develop an app like Uber in 11 weeks with effective planning that is going to sustain your application in the long run, whilst retaining your users with interesting features and functionalities. Our app creation services are known to deliver applications before time, along with strategies that are highly applicable.

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