Simplifying Your Concerns With Chat
And Messaging Applications

Instant messaging and chat apps have gained global recognition. These apps not only provide ease to online communication but have also have given smartphone users the opportunity to leverage the complete power of mobile devices. At Retrocube, we realized how the importance of chat apps is increasing so we decided to help those out who are on the look for how to create a messaging app.

Steps Required To Create App
Like WhatsApp

Design Selection

The initial phase of app development involves the selection of a customizable design template for the app interface.

Feature Selection

After the core design template is selected, the next phase is to choose the perfect and relevant features for the app.

Publish App

Once the app enters its completion phase, our development team is ready to publish and launch your app across all existing app stores.

Our Experts Know How To Make
A Chat Application

If you consider the benefits a messaging and chat app is going to provide to the individuals who use it then these benefits are going to be numerous. With our potential to build chat app for you and our prior clients, we have made sure to take into account the benefits of both businesses and individuals with our app development expertise.

  • Users can create a personal profile and choose who to chat with
  • Quick options to start a video or audio call
  • Users can chat in a group chat with utmost privacy
  • Option to share videos, pictures and audio files
  • Update profile status with adjustable viewing privacy
  • A search bar to search for friends in the list

At Retrocube, our main aim is not to just help our clients get their dream app but we also govern the maintenance phase after the app has been published. Now if you think you we are the ones who know how to make a messaging app that converts and generates traffic – you are at the right place.

How To Create A Chat App With
Unique Features

Messaging apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat have gained global popularity. Now there has been an upsurge in individuals and business owners who want to know how to create a chat application like WhatsApp. Millions of potential users are out there who would prefer to opt for your app as we integrate chatting and messaging apps with the best features.

  • User Registration

    Before using all the core features of the app, users would have to register themselves with the relevant details.

  • Search Feature

    User can search for friends on the app and then proceed to start a conversation with them.

  • Add Favorite

    If you want a list of favorites for the contacts you talk to the most then that option exists too.

  • Share Media

    Share images, voice notes, audio files and videos directly to other users from your chat screen.

  • Audio Call

    Users can voice call individuals in their contact list just as how it is done in WhatsApp.

  • Video Call

    Video call feature that allows users to make video calls with utmost ease.

  • Group Chat

    Users can create a private group chat by adding contacts to the call individually.

  • Online Status

    Active or offline status can be managed in the settings as well as the option to control the last activity of a user.

  • Public Story

    Add a public story to your profile, which can be viewed by all your contacts.

The Benefits Of Instant Messaging Apps
As A Business

The simple idea of how to make an instant messaging app can turn into a lucrative business in the form of an app. Messaging apps such as WhatsApp have gained popularity across the world which has not only contributed to online communication but has also benefited both the domains of collaboration and entertainment.


If you have made up your mind to build app like WhatsApp then it can not only benefit individuals but also organizations and businesses in general. App users can plan and schedule meetings as well as organize daily or timely tasks directly through the app.


Communication barriers are eliminated as users can start an audio or video calls between a group of more than two individuals. Users also have the leverage to communicate with customers who seek 24/7 support.


Employee relations will only be improved through an instant messaging app as it will ensure timely delivery of messages, content, and updates. With no barriers in collaboration and communication, the opportunity to share views and opinions becomes easy.

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