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8 Best Android Apps for Photo Editing

February 5, 2020
8 Best Android Apps for Photo Editing

Clicking pictures is an art that not many of us excel in. From getting the perfect camera settings to taking photographs that are worthy of being posted online, it takes a hefty amount of attempts to take that ‘perfect’ shot. But don’t you hate it when you’ve made a bunch of pictures with different settings and camera angles and still find them to be nowhere near perfection? You might not be satisfied with the hue and saturation content of it, or maybe it needs some readjustment as a whole. Whatever it may be, all you are left with is a bunch of pictures that don’t please the inner artist in you. This is where the Photo Editing Apps come into play!

With thousands of features to turn your photo from a mere average to utterly spot-on, adjusting your pictures to perfection on your android phone has never been easier! However, with a bundle of options to choose from, finding the Best Editing Apps for your android phone might get a bit challenging, to say the least. Difficult as it may sound, ‘Don’t you Worry’ is all we have to say! Prepared for you is a list of 8 Best Android Apps for Photo Editing that is certain to turn your pictures into a masterpiece!

Adobe Photoshop Express:

When it comes to finding the best Photo Editing Apps, Adobe Photoshop is sure to top the charts! Adobe Systems has been the undisputed frontrunner when it comes to providing graphic solutions to customers across the glove! Although their desktop applications have a price associated with them, their mobile version of Photoshop – Photoshop Express, has broken the barriers. PS Express, the android photo editor application supports JPEG, PNG and RAW images. With a mini version available for the functions that were once supported by the desktop application, adjusting the colors, creating custom templates, and editing pictures, in general, has become a lot easier!


Aviary is a relatively simple variant of photo editing applications, and its’ popularity makes it a worthy mention in the list of Best Editing Apps. It is a user-friendly application with an interface that is easy to understand. Although it doesn’t support performing complex editing operations, however, it supports features like improving the quality of the image, removing red-eye, adjusting the brightness, contrast, shadows, enhancing color and tints, replacing backgrounds, crop, and a few others. You can develop this from our expert Android App Developers.

Fotor – Photo Editor:

Fotor has been in the photo editing industry for a while now, and it has a lot more editing tools than the majority of the applications include. The best feature when editing pictures at Fotor is ‘One Tap’. This allows the images to be auto-enhanced for your convenience. While it also includes the basic features like cropping, adjusting brightness and colors, there are over pre-installed 100 filters that make it a worthy inclusion in our list!

BeFunky – Photo Editor:

Other than the usual set of functions supported by every other editing application, what makes BeFunky an all-time favorite is the stunning set of templates that it features. While these templates are regularly upgraded, another feature that sets BeFunky apart is that it allows the users to create models on their own. This allows the user to be creative and not just be restricted to the developers’ ideas. BeFunky lets you add texts to your images and also allows you to adjust the font, their designs, etc. Since it is supported by the majority of the renowned social media applications, users can publish their pictures directly from BeFunky’s interface.

InShot – Photo Editor Pro:

InShot – Photo Editor Pro is a decent photo editing application supported by android 11. It technically is a new style editor that supports a ton of features like stickers, filters, and other pre-made effects. The app features these effects in a store-style layout. This allows you to effectively navigate through the pre-existing results and choose whatever you like! While the majority of the results are available for the users to choose from, some of them require ‘Pro Subscription’ to gain access. This costs around $7.99 per year which is a good investment because the paid version has effects of dying for! Other than that, InShot also supports regular editing features like retouching, cropping, color adjustment, etc.

Enlight Pixaloop:

Technically, Enlight Pixaloop is a photography app that allows you to do some pretty neat tricks with your pictures. For meme lovers, it will enable you to turn static images into GIF style images with just a few swipe and taps. A few other notable features include adding overlays and elements that weren’t there in the picture before. This can help you in adding ambience to your photos. Although the application doesn’t support the regular features of an editing application, its capability to add other effects is impeccable.

PicsArt Photo Studio:

PicsArt was a must to include in our list of 8 best android apps for photo editing for iPhone, not just because it is supported by both IOS and Android. The reason why PicsArt is one of the most downloaded editing application is because of the endless list of options it gives you to customize your photos. Not only does it allow you to edit your pictures, but it also comes with a built-in camera. Moreover, it is also linked to social media websites so you can share your photos with just a few taps! The list of features, however, doesn’t end there. PicsArt also includes features like collage-maker, drawing, adding frames, stickers, and a lot more options for you to customize your photos. Although the application is free of cost, the downside of it includes the ads that pop-up anytime they want!


Snapseed is one of the most trusted applications for photo editing. Developed by Google, this application carries quite a lot of features. Not only is it free to use, but it is also ad-free, which makes it a must-have. The interface is very user-friendly and includes 29 different variants of photo editing tools. It also comes with various filters that allow you to modify the look of your photos!

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