Android 9 Pie Features

November 27, 2018
Android 9 Pie Features

While Google has brought substantial changes in Android but the latest update of Android Pie has taken the Android realm by storm. From the manner of navigation to an improved and stable security performance, this update has made the notion of user experience and interaction smoother than ever. Here is what you need to know about the new features in the latest Android 9 Pie:

Android 9 Pie Notifications Features

For some notifications might not be a nuisance but for some they are. Notifications inform you at all times but Google has now brought a twist to the way we see them. With the release of the new Android 9 Pie Features, users can simply mute or disable notifications. You do not have to wipe away every single notification as you are now given the option of customizing your notifications according to your preferences.

With the new Do Not Disturb feature, you can not only mute an app’s notifications and turn them on automatically by adding a schedule but you can also get more information regarding how you view your notifications. From previews of images to viewing the last messages on your chats, Android Pie Features has brought a significant change in the appearance of notifications on your Android smartphone.

Android Pie Gesture Navigation Features

The modifications in how we navigate were stagnant for a long time but the recent update in Android Pie has transformed the notion of navigation completely. With Android Pie Features, users can experience a gesture-based navigation mechanism. It might be a bit complex to understand and get used to at first but the new update has smoothened the transitions of navigation controls. The first thing the user will see is the home button and then you can swipe up or right to carry out your tasks accordingly.

The buttons will not be present at all times, as you have to navigate through your phone using gestures alone. It certainly does sound a bit confusing at first but it provides more flexibility and a user interface that is more fluid than before.

Android 9 Pie Will Have Enhanced Battery Life

The new update has not only changed the user experience functionalities only as there is a massive improvement in the battery life of your phone. From introducing the new gesture navigation to muting notifications, Google has now provided us with a change that maximizes your phone’s battery life. With the new built-in battery saver app in Android 9.0 Pie Features, you can easily optimize your battery to stop it from draining constantly.

This feature has been made possible with Google’s collaboration with DeepMind and in turn, we are now able to use an adaptive battery for our phones. This new adaptive battery feature allows you to enable a battery saver whenever your phone’s battery is at 70 percent or lower. Previously, you had to enable your battery saver but with an improved battery life, you can give priority to the apps you use the most and limit the ones that you do not.

Android 9 Pie Security and Privacy

Google never ceases to update its security features with every latest update but with the new Android 9.0 Pie Features, you are given more options to enhance the security of your phone. The latest security feature is related to the notion of encryption. If you want to encrypt or decrypt any form of data on your smartphone then you will now have to provide a password for it first. The concept of sharing MAC addresses has existed for a long time but Google has introduced randomly generated MAC addresses for every network that you connect to and that in turn, maintains stable levels of security.

Other core features include fingerprint authentication, improved security protocols and protected data backups that leave no chance of infiltration from hackers. Restrictions have been introduced for accessing the phone’s camera or microphone and any unused sensor would be automatically disabled to maintain a secure and protected user experience.

Android 9 Pie Smarter Searching

The search feature of Android has faced a complete transformation in the 9.0 Pie update. Users can view certain parts of their apps with the new smart search feature. Supposedly, you intend use Uber then by simply searching for ‘Uber’ in the search bar, you can view the cost for the trip and book it without having to consume your time in navigating through the app itself.

This smart searching update is intended to save the time of the user and provide them with a more dynamic approach to interacting with mobile apps. You can even get suggestions that are relevant to what you are looking for without having to conduct an extensive research for it.

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