Apple Maps Vs Google Maps 2020

February 18, 2019
Apple Maps Vs Google Maps

Apple Maps Vs Google Maps, which is better to find your way?

The advent of Android app devices had already brought to us Google Maps and it was even used by Apple users but after the IOS 6 update, Apple brought its very own app for maps and locations known as Apple Maps. The rivalry between the two is competitive as both these apps have different yet useful features for their operating systems.

The purpose of this article is to compare the two and analyze how Apple Maps are moving towards the level of Google Maps and what sort of features, usability options and functionalities separate the two.

Free of cost

Both the Google and Apple Maps app are free and do not come with any sort of additional cost or hidden charges. The Apple Maps app is already built-in IOS devices but Google Maps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Since the Apple Apps is already integrated into iPhone and iPads, every IOS update comes with different upgrades and changes for the Apple Maps app.

Location and direction navigation

Local search & directions

Usually, Map apps have navigation options and so do both of these apps. These apps include features and options for navigation, finding routes, walking tracks, public transport availability as well as the option to integrate it with apps such as Uber.

The search options for Google are simplistic. If you add a term, supposedly ‘Hospital’ to the search bar then the map will find the nearest routes, locations, and areas in the app’s interface. You can even add filters to the search bar and the map will show detailed information, routes, and directions to you.

As for Apple Maps, it tends to display a simplistic view of your desired search results. The display of information in Google Maps is in a more detailed manner while it is different for Apple Maps as it is more clear and concise.

Turn-by-turn navigation feature


One such feature that makes both Google Maps and Apple Maps so unique is the turn-by-turn navigation options. You do not have to view the complete map as these apps let you find easy directions, routes and even audio options to tell you where are headed to.

Apple Apps consists of a 3D view feature that is integrated with its turn-by-turn navigation option that makes the view of the map and directions easier to view and navigate. While the user interface and design of Apple Maps are simpler than Google’s it still does not mean that both these apps are prevalent over the other.

Displaying accurate data

The release of the Apple Maps was not a smooth one as it still consisted of several bugs and issues. Some bugs included an incorrect depiction of data, temperature, and location while some were related to the display of wrong addresses on the map. However, Apple worked on this issue and soon fixed it to bring smoother and reliable user experience to its users.

The location detection technology used by Google is a high-quality and resolution satellite and that is why its predictions and location observations are not inaccurate. Apple has worked on its Map app and tends to respond to any error fixes or findings observed by its users.

Accuracy to find errors

Soon after the release of Apple Maps, bugs and issues were reported but that has was soon resolved by Apple. When Google Maps was out, it also had issues in accurately finding locations and areas but the constant updates in this have improved Google Maps to a greater extent.

Apple Maps is now able to accurately display streets, the areas where small, and unknown businesses are located. This information is highly intricate and cannot be easily targeted but Apple Maps now possesses the feature to find such details and locations for you to view.

As for Google Maps, you can view streets and directions more thoroughly and visually intricately than Apple Maps. This does not mean that Apple Maps has higher changes of error and less accuracy; instead, both these platforms have their own pros.

Other additional features in Apple Maps Vs Google Maps 2020

Some additional features between the two are somewhat similar while some are entirely different. Apple Maps contains a number of fun and entertaining tricks such as the Flyover tour that you can use to view the location of your area on a global spectrum. This option is also integrated with its 3D maps option and it can be used to let you view different sights without actually traveling to a particular location.

Google Maps has different features and one such feature is the Google Street View. This feature lets you get a view of areas and places as if you are in reality walking down those streets. This complete realistic view of the map enables you to find directions and paths without any sort of hassle and hence we can identify both Apple Maps Vs Google Maps 2020 more easily.