Best Podcasts Apps For Android In 2020

February 5, 2020
Best podcast apps 2020

Just as we embed deeply into the world of the internet, Podcasts appear to be making a return as a primary source of gathering information. Not only is it a brilliant way to hear experts talk about the topics you like, but it is also decidedly more comfortable to find yourself a great podcast to hook up to. If you’ve been fond of the podcasts lately and are looking out for the Best Podcast Apps for Android, you’re in luck! Prepared for you is a list of Best Podcast Players for Android in 2020 that would keep you away from the hassle of downloading your favorite episodes and listen to the experts directly from your android phone! Without further ado, let us dive straight right in!

Pocket Casts:

Pocket Casts is one of the most preeminent solutions for podcast lovers for all the right reasons. Matters not if you’re heavy listeners, a first-timer, students, or want something that your grandparents can benefit from, Pocket Casts is the answer for all your Podcast needs! The application has a very easy-to-use interface that gives a very comfortable user experience.

The application features a tab named “Podcast” where all of your subscriptions are listed in a scrolling wall of tiles. Pocket Casts gets you to listen to your favourite podcasts quickly without having the need to spend your time searching for something relevant. For the ones looking out for the Best Podcasts Apps for Android Free, Pocket Casts is undoubtedly the answer to suffice for their podcast cravings.


BeyondPod is one of the brilliant examples of an android app that is well-designed, following the design guidelines given by Google. It offers a pleasant user experience, including all the essential features that make it the Best Podcast for Android Phone. The podcast library featured by BeyondPod has content worth millions of hours. Not only that, but you can even add your favorite podcasts in the list by downloading them from external sources. All of this, with just a few taps on your mobile screen. BeyondPod is designed by keeping drivers into consideration. This is the reason why the application allows the users to save the podcast from being played for offline playback. Moreover, the large buttons featured in the user interface makes it easier to be pressed properly while you drive!


The list of the Best Podcast Apps Android will be incomplete if it does not include DoggCatcher in it. Being one of the oldest applications for listening to podcasts, Doggcatcher is frequently updated, making it the Best Podcast App for Android Auto, Android Wear, and Google Chromecast. Not only that, but it also boasts a massive library of podcasts that offers playlist support, different themes, variable speed, and various other options for automation and customization. Although you have to pay $2.99 upfront, since there are no advertisements for you to be worried about, paying $2.99 seems exceptionally worth it!


Not only is Stitcher one of the Best Podcast for Android Free, but it is also a superior, on-demand Internet radio service too. With Stitcher downloaded on your mobile phone, you can listen to over 100,000 podcasts. Unlike many other podcast applications, Stitcher is supported by both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, it also supports Amazon’s Echo smart voice-controlled personal assistant, making it easier for the people to listen to their favorite podcasts!

Podcast Go:

Podcast Go is one of the latest podcast applications that feature options like variable speed playback, downloading podcast episodes, adding sleep timers, and various other. Using ‘Material Design’, the form offers a sleek user interface of best android podcast app while the functions are very user-friendly! The app has over 300,000 podcasts available upon downloading the application. The users can also browse or search for other podcasts as per their taste and subscribe. Upon paying $2.99, you can avail of the ad-free version of the application to experience an uninterrupted podcast playback!


Unlike for what music lovers have known ‘Spotify’ for, it might come as a surprise to a few that Spotify started doing podcasts during the year 2016. Although there aren’t a lot of podcasts available on the application when compared to other applications like Pocket Casts. However, the fame that Spotify is endowed with, it is inevitable that the number of podcasts available on the app would be skyrocketed over time. Although you can hear the podcasts for free with Spotify, no one likes an audio advertisement popping out of nowhere. To avoid that, you can avail the ad-free subscription by paying $9.99 per month and enjoy the full, ad-free experience!

Podcast Addict:

Podcast Addict is yet another renowned name when considering Best Podcasts for Android. Not only does the application allows you to download and organize your podcasts, but it also enables you to manage the audiobooks, YouTube channels, live radios, Twitch subscriptions, and even Soundcloud, all within the same application! The features, however, are not only restricted to that. Podcast Addict also works brilliantly as an impartial music player and can be harmonized with Google Chromecast, Android Wear, and Android Auto. The only downside of having a Podcast Addict is that the application has a lot of setting options that can be a bit overwhelming for the new users.

Podcast Republic:

The Podcast Republic shares the glory of being regarded as one of the most customizable Android podcast apps that is available in the Google Play Store. Not only does the Podcast Republic rolls out podcasts efficiently, but it also plays live radio within a single interface. It can also be used to manage audiobooks, SoundCloud, Youtube Channels, and even RSS feeds. Other than the regular features that are available on almost every best android podcast application, Podcast Republic allows you to schedule a podcast to start playing at a specific time every single day. This means that you can up to your favorite content being played each morning!

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