Best Android Camera Apps For 2020

November 16, 2018
Best Android Camera Apps For 2019

With the upsurge of mobile applications in various domains and fields, there are now apps for built-in smartphone features as well. Every individual demand for a quality smartphone camera but nobody would say no to additional striking features, filters, and photo editing tools. From making videos to capturing stunning images, Android mobile devices have all our needs covered but here are few of the most popular Android camera apps 2020 that can revamp your photography experience:

Camera 360 – 4.4 Reviews

camera 360 App

Camera 360 is a photo editing and camera app that falls in the category of a more fun and quirky editing experience. Being one of the most popular camera apps available on the Google Play Store, Camera 360 allows you to edit your pictures by adding vibrant filters, stickers, animated themes and lets you customize the pictures you capture before saving them. It is a free-to-download app but offers in-app purchases for those who want to unlock extra sets of features and filters. Having over 500 million loyal users, Camera 360 is easily one of the most used and downloaded camera apps 2020 on the Play Store.

VSCO – 4.4 Reviews

VSCO does not lie when it tells you to take your photography to the next level. Providing a fully-fledged photography experience, you can use VSCO to shoot and edit your images from scratch and transform them into stunning visuals with its advanced camera controls and features. Unlike other photo editing apps, VSCO lets you create a personal profile to publish your work and even connect, share and collaborate with people from the VSCO community. Although it is free-to-use but with a VSCO X membership, you can acquire over 100 mobile presets and additional tools to entirely revamp your photo shooting and editing skills.

Candy Camera – 4.4 Reviews

candy camera app 2019

With an active user base of over 7 million people, Candy Camera is steadfast in the realm of photo editing apps. Allowing you to capture and edit photos in the real time, you can also add amazing and stunning filters to your pictures. It is more than a simple camera app as with its extensive range of filters, it is a current favorite among selfie lovers. Candy Camera is not limited to filters for selfies as it also has beauty functions that remove any blemishes or imperfections from your pictures. You can enhance the overall appeal of your pictures with Candy Camera’s huge sticker collection as well.

Camera MX – 4.3 Reviews

Camera MX is a well-developed camera app that has currently over 20 million installs on the Play Store. Enhancing the act of taking better photos and videos, Camera MX offers a diverse range of features for its users. The core essence of this camera app is its ability to take live shots and then turn them into GIFs. It supports high-quality resolutions and makes sure the final result is crystal clear. Users can even adjust the quality of the resolution according to their preferences but that aside, you can create a time-lapse of your videos and apply filters while you record your video.

Cymera Camera – 4.4 Reviews

Cymera camera app

After reaching over 330 million downloads in 2018, it is safe to say that Cymera has earned a popular stature on the Google Play Store. You can capture stunning images and enhance their appeal by choosing from the countless amazing features Cymera offers you. Once you have taken a photo, you can add stickers and make tweaks accordingly. Features like an anti-shake, face and skin care editor and the ability to import directly from Google Photos make it one of the widely used camera apps 2020 currently. With a simplistic user interface, editing photos have never been so fun with Cymera.

Wrapping Up

The Android app store hosts a plethora of amazing photo editing apps and the ones that we have mentioned are just the ones that are currently prevailing. With new applications being published on the Play Store daily, it will not be a surprise to find a new gem anytime soon.