5G Phones 2019

Upcoming 5G Phones 2019: What Is Rumored and What Is Expected

December 20, 2018

Upcoming 5G Phones 2019: What Is Rumored and What Is Expected

5G Phones 2019

Without a doubt, the upcoming 5G phones technology in 2019 would replace the prior data technologies and almost every phone, by the year 2019, would be integrated with it. While few mobile devices have confirmed the use of 5G is in their new releases, some still are clouded by rumors.

While there is no guarantee about a Windows or an iOS 5G phone, most of the Android phone manufacturers are extending their domain towards 5G and it is expected that most of these mobile devices would be released later or earlier in the year 2019.

Here are the mobile phones that are either expected or rumored to be distributed in the coming year:

Samsung Galaxy S10

2019 is said to be a great year for the South Korean maker Samsung and with the Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors surfacing, it is also expected for this new phone to transition to 5G technology.

In the recent Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, a prototype version of a phone, expected to the Galaxy S10, was revealed. It comes with a variety of features but the most prominence was given to its display that can play 4K resolution movies and videos. However, the launch of a 5G phone was still not confirmed yet but after the several hints and rumor, it is finally certain the new Samsung phones in 2019 will be equipped with 5G.

It is certain that Apple would not be releasing a 5G phone anytime soon so it might give the new Samsung phones an upper hand with its new 5G features. With this technology, users can experience high-speed downloads and stream videos at a faster speed. The thought of the possibility of the release of a 5G phone earlier next year is a promising one.

With several rumors surfacing, it is also rumored that four Galaxy S10 models will be released on Samsung’s 10 anniversary. However, there is no confirmation about it yet and it might stay as a rumor.

Huawei P30 and Mate 30

It is confirmed that Huawei is happening to be working on a 5G smartphone but its release is still not verified yet. The two new Huawei phones are set to be the P30 and the Mate 30 but the incorporation of 5G might be in the Mate series by next September and there is a possibility that the P30 might not be equipped with this technology.

Since a 5G phone would require more power so it might take Huawei some time to develop a chipset that could handle the power consumed by a 5G phone. Huawei users and mobile developers, in general, have not been disappointed with its previous phone releases and that is why 2019 sounds like a promising year for Huawei.

It is possible that other than the 5G incorporation, the speed and connectivity of the new phones would see some changes and improvements too. Another issue that most smartphone users have started to face are related to battery consumption if Huawei sorts it out in 2019 so it would surely make smartphone users resort to Huawei’s mobile devices.


While there has been no visible confirmation of a 5G phone by both the Huawei and Samsung representatives but the CEO of Honor himself has confirmed that they would release a 5G equipped phone in the year 2019.

It is also addressed by the Honor CEO that they would be the first ever mobile manufacturers to release a 5G mobile device. That is a statement, which would let Honor’s rivals reconsider the release of this new technology. For that reason, other smartphone manufacturers might distribute it earlier than the time they had decided to release it.

OnePlus 7 and 7T

Just like the confirmation statement given by Honor’s CEO, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has also stated that they are working with a team of US manufacturers for the production of a 5G smartphone. The prior phones were OnePlus 6 and 6T therefore; the new releases of the OnePlus 7 and 7T could be manufactured with the 5G technology.

Since the release of a 5G OnePlus phone is no longer a rumor, it is certain to watch out for a OnePlus 7 announcement with 5G in 2019. The benefits of 5G are countless but most people are looking forward to experience high speed and great phone performance.

However, the release date of the new OnePlus phones is expected to be in either May or July of 2019. That is why Samsung, Huawei, and even Honor might have released their 5G phones before OnePlus does.

Sony Xperia XZ4

The new Sony phone might be called Xperia XZ4 and it might be released with a new name but that is not our main concern. The Xperia XZ3 did not have any 5G functionalities but it is expected that the new release might have it.

There has been no official announcement from Sony regarding a 5G mobile device but the Sony representatives made statements regarding super-fast mobile connectivity and performance and that might not be a coincidence. Almost every manufacturer is working on a 5G device and it is a possibility that so might be Sony.

It has been announced that the next Sony phones would have a battery life that could last a week. Therefore, if Sony does release a 5G phone then it could be equipped with both better battery life and 5G features.

What about iPhone?

2018 has been an iPhone exclusive year with the release of the iPhone XS, XS Max, and even the iPhone XR but what about 2019? There have been rumors out that Apple could be bringing a 5G phone but some experts have said that an iPhone with 5G would not be happening anytime soon.

Apple might have a lot planned for 2019 but the release of a phone with 5G does not sound like a possibility yet. It is also likely that Apple might not incorporate this technology until 2020. It is demoralizing for many as Apple users were holding high expectations for a 5G iPhone but as of now nothing is completely certain and confirmed.

However, there have been reports that Apple might be manufacturing its own modem and it would be used in place of the already incorporated Intel technology chipset. Apple is always steadfast in releasing and announcing new features and functionalities but let us observe who leads the race of 5G technology.


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