November 12, 2021

10 Things In iPhone You Should Know Today

10 things you need to know about the new iPhones

The latest iPhone models are none other than the iPhone XR, XS, and the XS Max. These models have been equipped with the upcoming yet innovational features that smartphones of other brands do not possess yet. You might be familiar with some of these new features but some are yet to be discovered.

For that reason, here is a list of the top 10 things if iPhones that you should know today.

  1. No headphone jack or fingerprint sensor

The conventional headphone jack that most Android phones still have is no longer present in Apple’s iPhone. When Apple decided to make this change, it was taken as a change that is highly controversial but then avid Apple users slowly began to accept this fact. Apple had removed the headphone jack with the initial release of iPhone 7 back in 2016. So, it is not a relatively new feature but after this change, Apple has now only made iPhones containing no headphone jacks.

Secondly, now Face ID has replaced Touch ID. This change is recent and has been aimed to promote the feature of face unlock in the future iPhone releases. This change took place in 2018 with the launch of iPhone XR, XS, and the XS Max.

  1. Super Retina OLED Display Panel

Only the iPhone XR, XS, and the XS Max are the recent launches by Apple but only the expensive iPhone models have the feature of an OLED display. Since the XS is the smallest iPhone as compared to XR and XS Max, it has a 5.8-inch full OLED display panel. This new display technology has also made the interface and display quality of the iPhone models far more enhanced than ever.

  1. Support for dual SIM in iPhones

This feature was not available before but now Apple has brought it to its iPhones for the first time ever. Several iPhone users sought after this feature since after comparing it with the other existing Android devices, it felt like a dire need to incorporate this feature into the iPhone. While iPhone XR did not get support for a dual SIM but XS and XS Max did. iPhone users have now the option to insert a nano-SIM as well as an eSIM that is inserted only digitally.

  1. Introducing the A12 Bionic Chip

Even if you have been using the iPhone for years, you should know that Apple had already included an A11 Bionic chip when the iPhone X made it launch. However, not long after the release of the iPhone X, Apple released the A12 Bionic Chipset for the future releases of its iPhones. This quick decision gave absolutely no time for the competitors to copy the chipset and add it to their smartphones as well.

  1. Enhanced design and color choices

With the initial release of the iPhone, there were not many colors or design options to choose from but that is not the case anymore. Now Apple has released different variants of its iPhone models that are available in mundane to highly vibrant colors. This concept was solely brought into consideration just to target different demographics and audiences. It has surely proven a successful move by Apple.

  1. Water resistant iPhone models

The prior iPhone models did not have sound and high-quality water resistance features as the current models. iPhone 7 can be considered as the first ever iPhone to be launched as both dust and water resistance model so it became every revolutionary at the time of its release. Now Apple has been quite consistent with releasing fully water resistant iPhones and other Apple devices thus the price of the devices has increased to an extent as well.

  1. Camera quality has improved a lot

If there is one center of attraction that an iPhone needs to have then it is its camera quality. Apple has been able to sustain the camera quality of its previous and current iPhone models and that is truly commendable. The rear cameras for iPhone XS and XS Max have no difference in resolution quality despite there being a difference in price. Even the iPhone X and its dual cameras had the same resolution quality.

In the newest iPhone models, the camera angles and sensors have been upgraded. With the inclusion of 12MP angle shots and different sensors, the high price of its latest smartphones has been justified.

  1. Price comparison of new models

Price comparison does not play any impact on the list of things that you need to know about the new iPhones but it is going to help you make a decision when you go out to purchase one. The prices vary for each region so we have only included the prices in the US region.

iPhone XR has different models but the starting price for 64GB  is $759 and the 258GB costs $899.

As for iPhone XS, the 64GB one costs $999 and 512GB costs $1349.

Lastly, the XS Max is the most expensive one with the 64GB model costing $1099 and 512GB costing $1449.

  1. Improvements in battery performance

The enhancements in battery quality and performance might be very intricate but at least, it is an improvement that has been quite consistent. Now when you share your iPhone XS, you are given an approximate of 30 minutes to charge the extra battery. This feature was not present in the prior models such as the iPhone X. Since XS Max has better features, the battery charging time is 90 minutes.

  1. Built-in models with iOS 12

The best part is that you did not have to wait for a new iOS update if you purchased the three latest iPhone models, as these three iPhones were already equipped with iOS 12. We are not saying that installing and updating a new operating system into your phone is taxing but when you are given a mobile experience that is already of top-notch quality, you are able to make most out of the features of the smartphone better.

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