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What makes it unique

This is a game like no other. With its unique features, it is multiplayer where you can play a hide-and-seek game that enables players to connect with many people. Be it their friends’ circle or strangers.

The thing that makes this game interesting is that the players are divided into teams of hiders and seekers. This makes the players decide what team they want to play in and what activities they want to be involved in.

The features:

There are different avatars you can choose as you progress in the game. The more levels you play, the more coins you receive that can help you unlock these avatars. You can also purchase these avatars. The game shows you your statistics about how many miles you covered and how many calories you burned. This game also has a game board feature that can tell you how many games you played, how many you won, and the players you caught and this gives you more of a reason to stay enthralled and interested in your progress. There will be a minimum of two players per team and a maximum of ten players per team.

What The Software Does:

There will be a minimum limit of 2 players per team and a maximum limit of 10 players per team. Players will be playing physically and using the GPS of Players, their current location will be tracked. Hiders will be given a time of 1 minute to hide and seekers will be given a certain time limit in which they will be required to capture the hiders.

The software includes features and functionalities that would promote a healthier and more sustainable community. From a technical aspect, our team examines the project closely to see if any changes are to be made and if all the bugs have been fixed.

We imagined a gaming app that was
engaging and made for a smooth player experience.

The captured game
has an enticing design, layout,
and user
Integration of
functions and
features tailored to
all ages.
communication features
within the app to ensure
optimum user
connectivity and

We want other game players to have control when it comes to mobile gaming as gamers do with their consoles, gaming for the enjoyment of it and collecting additional coins, cash prizes, and awards.


We are working on a web-based mobile application. The users have to make an ID to enter the game and continue on to the specialized and innovative hide-and-seek game where they can manage unique features and check their performance. Other features that we added are:

Sign up or
log in

a profile

with other players

& progress


Choosing different

A 'Playable' region will be defined, and within this area will be a 'Jail region' where captured players will be kept. Teammates can release these captured players if they can reach the jail area and free them.

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The final software includes social components to keep users motivated and pickup practices to be more active. We are proud to be a part of a community-friendly solution that helps young people exercise and live a better lifestyle.

Why is it important?

We have launched an innovative and Unique app that helps people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This game is motivational and enables players to set up particular locations which in turn, helps create a healthy impact.

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