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Client Brief

The thought behind the application is to illustrate users’ financial life, to help them make better financial decisions.


YEAR - 2019




The Solution

Nothing is absolutely certain in this world, be it a scheduled flight, a get-together at a friend’s house, or even a cricket match that has been delayed due to rain. But there is one thing that is totally certain, managing your financial life.

RetroCube’s all-new ‘Dynamic Map’ helps you map your financial life and assist you in making useful financial decisions. Using the shape of a boat deck, you can view your financial life.

Ultimate features that we built

Dynamic Map has included some amazing features that will enable you to conveniently overview your financial life and status.


The Boat Deck

The ultimate feature of this application is the boat deck. Your lifeline will make the foundation in terms of a nice and fancy boat deck.


The Mast

A tall mask or a pole will be placed onto your timeline which will reflect your age of retirement, the height will determine the amount of money needed.


The Hull

Your retirement cost is a liability, and the assets are linked with the cost of retirement. When Dynamic Map takes over, these costs reflect as the boat’s hull..


The Sails

Your savings would reflect like a boat having beautiful sails as they accumulate with time. These savings would peak at the time of your retirement.


The Highlights

This application is doing great in terms of being a partner to your financial life and assisting in critical decision-making processes.


Customer Satisfaction


5 Star Reviews



The Result

RetroCube’s extraordinary application ‘Dynamic Map’ has become a life saviour for your financial assistance. There is no better partner or a device that can allow you to view your financial life and position using a boat’s illustration.

This creativity has made it easier for people to conveniently assess their financial position and make correct decisions.

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