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About Hola Luna

Hola Luna is a comprehensive game created by our accomplished software developers in order to help teach young children Spanish. This app makes for an incredible user experience.

We take pride in the fact that our ideas were brought to fruition because our professional technicians and team produced what we envisioned for our app. This is a teaching app that stands above its contenders.

Your kids will learn Spanish in no time!

This app is easy to operate and young ones can experience a well-rounded learning experience. Parents can now give the education they want to their children.

Hola Luna provides an opportunity for parents to trust in the teaching process of it. Our interface proves to be very useful in the teaching process. The app is colorful and full of attractive puzzles and games that aid your kid in learning things like alphabets, numbers, shapes, and Spanish words to get started.

What we envisioned

The idea behind Hola Luna is that we understand how important it is for children to learn a language at their impressionable ages. This game was built for little children to navigate through innovative UI/UX technology. The game has many toggles, buttons, and screens that keep the children involved.

We understood the hassle of teaching such young children like toddlers an entire language so we made an application that simplifies and shortens the process. Now parents can let their children learn a language with minimal involvement.

We live in such a fast-paced world and they have been so many technological advances in software development. Hola Luna was built from scratch keeping in mind what the user wanted. The app is available on both Android and Apple stores for easy access.

What the
Client Wants

  • 01 A colorful app
  • 02 To teach kids
    Spanish the easy way.
  • 03 Using screen time for
    educational purposes.
  • 04 Games that help educate
    their children.
  • 05 An easy-to-navigate
  • 06 A trusted app that
    delivers what it promises.
  • 07 Puzzles to sharpen
    their kids’ minds.
  • 08 An affordable

The Challenges
We Faced

  • To build the right kind of user interface.
  • To execute the idea behind Hola Luna.
  • To create the perfect learning app for toddlers.
  • To understand what the consumer wanted from our app.
  • To make an easy-to-use UI/UX interface.

Hola Luna’s features

Enticing puzzles for young minds.

Teaching children the alphabet, numbers, animals, shapes, rhymes, etc.

An endearing use of different screens and options to teach Spanish.

Different puzzles that aid in learning.

Has all the features easy to use.

An interactive app that entices children.

Has bright sounds and an attractive and colorful user interface.

Teaches children how to pronounce Spanish words.

Hola Luna opted for a customer-centric approach as we realized that the customer always comes first and that we should develop an app that caters to all the needs of our consumers. Our role is well-defined and we stand out because of our innovative features that stand out.

One step closer to learning
Spanish We have reached over


Will your
Child Succeed?

Use our reliable and seamless app to enhance your child’s Spanish learning experience.


the Challenges

The software engineers at Hola Luna always have a magic wand in the form of skilled developers who amaze the customers with the best results.


Hola Luna’s
Building Attributes

We have the best attributes as compared to our competitive apps in this cut-throat industry. Our learning interface is unique since we welcome modifications and can shape the app in any way at any stage of development.


Tackling App Glitches
& Modifications

Our developers and technicians are on a constant lookout for any bugs that need to be fixed or enhancements that are needed to be made to help the app evolve with the growing needs of its consumers. We make sure we keep our app modern and develop more user-friendly accessibilities within the app.


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