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Discover new services or post a job from the IPro-Wide app. Use your talents and find a job according to your skills. This app allows you to earn money on the go. With IPro-wide, you begin to find new opportunities in your selected area. Unlike its competitors, you pay nothing even if there’s no deal.


Client’s expectations

Our clients can post ads and find people to carry out different duties in order to fulfill their expectations and requirements. We have created this revolutionary app that is also user-friendly and helps provide jobs or create them so that it is easy for our clients to have resources at their fingertips due to its seamless navigation style.

This app stands on the idea of equal opportunities. It allows our clients to find a pro in order to get their instant services by using a live map feature.

Clients want a clean and interactive user experience to bring them a hassle-free way to put themselves out there in the market.

To find instant help due to the app’s unique features.

They want a minimalistic design to find different options available such as creating ads

To find jobs in their vicinity that offer them to sit back and relax as they find pros to work for them.


challenges we faced

Finding the unique selling point that would make the IPro Wide app stand out from rivals was a problem. In order to provide users with a completely new experience, the app's functionality and features also needed to be redesigned.

In order to develop a strategy that would guarantee the app's success in the cutthroat industry, extensive market research and scoping sessions had to be started right away.

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Was the solution?

The committed team used simplified technologies when developing and designing the solution to support the key functions of the IPro-Wide application. While the technologies were being repeated and merged, the design team came up with an original and extremely compelling application that brought utter ease to the user.

The purpose of this app is to be customer-centric and to bring them new opportunities. Our technical team knew how to take on the challenge. Development, designing, and quality assurance were all three processes that were successfully carried out. The client was shown a mobile application that was completely functional at the conclusion of the process.

  • We understood what our client envisioned and required and spun an app that took on the challenges in a competitive market.
  • Identifying the attributes that would make the IPro-wide app stand out as a more advanced platform than competing products, such as different functions, and UI/UX.
  • We understood that our clients wanted to know about different jobs offered in their areas so that they can achieve their requirements in the marketplace close to home.
  • We used our technology and integrated them into the IPro-Wide app to display efficiency.

The platform was constructed by the following teams working together:






The features:

  • You may enter the service descriptions, location, appointment date and time, and estimated price in order to reach more profiles according to your needs.
  • This app also displays your appointments. These are the pending, scheduled, and completed services to help you keep track.
  • Different payment methods so that you may compensate the pros for their hard work.
  • The ads that the users put out can be seen by different pros in the vicinity due to the location feature and can also help you decide the price.


Overall, this app is a game-changer amongst its opposing applications. Our desired outcome was to help people generate their own revenue and find professionals to help carry out different jobs for their ease. We wanted to make these jobs accessible to everyone. The iPro-Wide provides a live map of the most current postings to the community.
A million or more downloads of the app are anticipated during the next few years, largely as a result of its unrivaled experience and modern features.

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