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Client Brief

The main concept behind this application is to provide a facility for users so that they can calculate the cost of receiving medical treatment.


YEAR - 2019



The Solution

NAVBUS is basically an application designed to ease the hassle for students and their parents by ensuring that they don't have to spend a long time waiting outside in extreme conditions when they can sit inside their homes and only go out when the bus has finally arrived at the stop on time.

Multiple school-going children spend at least 15-20 minutes at their stops in extreme weather conditions to make sure they don't miss their bus. In the case of smaller children, misery is often shared by the parents as well. NAVBUS puts an end to all that trouble by allowing parents and children to track the bus and get out of the house right when the bus is due to arrive.


Our Awesome Features

My routes

Bus routes can vary daily, which may cause slight changes to the time of their arrival. With the My Routes feature in NAVBUS, you will be able to track daily changes in the bus routes and plan your mornings accordingly.

Route Details

The driver will receive notifications regarding his/her route's starting point and time, students on that route will be notified, enabling them to track and prepare for school before the bus arrives at their location.

Substitute routes

In case that the driver is unable to follow the regular route, he/she will be able to manually enter stops, which will then constitute a new route called the substitute route.


The safety the application provides enables that parents will be able to see when the child's bus reached the school and where the child is as he heads home.


The application will save you the hassle of waiting for the bus on rainy, snowy, or cold days. Allowing you to come out and go straight onto your bus.


This application will allow both parents and students to follow and see where their bus is at while they go to and from school each day.

The Highlights

The Result

The results of this application turn out to be impressive as they diminish parents' worry about their children's transport problem. Also, it allows parents to enjoy the great gesture of love while receiving their little ones. Retrocube presents an application with hassle-free, along with a simple user interface app. So that guardians track the school bus and only leave the house when their children are around the corner. This app has gained the trust of numerous users that are mostly parents.


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