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It is seen that the racing game apps tend to attract a larger number of
audience and have a strong following.

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It is seen that the racing game apps tend to attract a larger number of audience and have a strong following. There are over millions of active users on iOS and Android devices. If you look around at the depths of despair during your race or track day, the chances are that you'll see someone using racing games.

Many professionals, such as factory test drivers and race driving instructors, are known to use this app! Whether you ride motorbikes, drive go-karts or cars, on closed circuits or special stage tracks, this is the motorsports app for you. This app was designed to bring the experience of racing closer for those who are into it and get thrilled out of it. Considering the target audience's needs, the app fulfills the need for excitement and thrill.


Our client had the vision to build an entertaining and competitive app for people of all age groups. This way, the youth, and young adults, professionals can utilize their time for something interesting.

It is seen that violent games have taken over, which keeps the person engaged in negative energy throughout the day and forces the parents or other concerned person to stop the young one from using mobile games. The primary objective of such games was to make the child hyperactive and get addicted to them.

Unlike this, RetroCube has a better solution and a far more engaging game than the rest that does not affect the person mentally, but in fact, this app brings race lovers a step closer to their favorite riders and events.

Solution Discovery

RetroCube designed a solution that could ease the racers' lives by getting to attend their favorite event virtually. Not only this, but the app also stands to provide an interactive trading platform by incorporating the facility of buying and selling. This app surely acts as a shift in the racing approach in the market. The app supports features and functionalities that would bring more energy, contacts, and ease in the person and focus on the game. Our team has examined the project from a methodological perspective.

Keeping everything in mind, our team with the technicians have designed a strategic roadmap for "RACE TRACK CONNECTION."

Here's what our team rationalized before we went to our development phase.


The compelling design, layout give a lasting experience to the customers.


Carefully thought and designed functionality and features.


To give a feel of higher connectivity and more interaction with the communication medium in the app.


We started working on a cross-platform mobile application providing access to the admin panel. But before that, the occurrence of a splash screen. The application will start with an appealing and interactive splash screen, which will display the app's name and logo. This Screen will appear for 2 - 3 seconds on the mobile application. The splash screen's concept is that it covers the time while the app is loading, and it shows the company logo to promote the app. Different splash screen options shall be provided to the client, and the final selection shall be at the client's discretion.

Other features include:

  • URM (Fans/ Users)
  • Sign Up
  • Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Home/Map
  • Race Events
  • Driver Bio
  • Buy & Sell
  • My Account
  • Profile/Edit Profile
  • Settings
  • My Store Items
  • Logout
  • More
  • Notifications


The resulting app incorporated social aspects to keep users motivated and engaged and uptake challenges while enjoying races. We are proud to bring a platform that sees no age and allows us to practice the love for racing in a fun way.


Launching the app for the elite classes who are into races and would also take an interest in buying & selling. This way, people would save time and travel costs to the racing spots and enjoy themselves while sitting in their comfort zone only.

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