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Research Hound Is
the Digital Bridge
Between People
& Physicians

The Visionary Idea Behind
Our Research Hound

Our concept is simple, to bridge the gap between patients and the researchers. We want to create a platform which connects patients, research centers, clinics and pharmaceuticals. It is our goal to ensure that patients get the relevant information with seamless ease while also being connected with other relevant medical platforms. Hence, we designed a flawless app meant to give users a vibrant and clutter-free interface while ensuring their questions are appropriately answered. Moreover, research centers, pharmaceuticals and sponsors will also be connected with each other using this application.

Your Care & Well-being Are Always the Priority for Us

We believe in convenience and so our application ensures that you receive only relevant information and are not bombarded with a slew of distracting results. We ask you to enter any previous medical conditions and the current medical setbacks you’re facing, then by analyzing the medical history our application presents the appropriate information. Patients will also able to view the basic details of research centers in the list view, additionally if they require more coherent answers, they will be able to use the in-app call feature to connect with research centers directly from the home screen. Furthermore, if the need arises an individual can also schedule a doctor’s appointment in clinics closest to their homes. It is our prerogative to provide our patients with the best possible care and information.

The flawless Process
for Pharmaceuticals

When and if pharmaceuticals have registered the web application for the first time, they will be navigated to the tutorials pages. These pages will then give a quick understanding about the features of entire web application. Like the effortless navigation for Research Centers, we have ensured a functional and practical process for the ease of all pharmaceuticals looking to register with us.

Effortless & Efficient Navigation for Research Centers

As the research center accesses the web application, they are seamlessly directed to the registration screen where they can enter the required details. Upon entering of the name of the center, our app will first ensure that the organization does not already exist in our database, after that a verification code will be sent to the registered email and within 72 hours of this process your research center will become part of our roster. Nevertheless, a seamless process is not all we offer our research centers, we firmly believe that security is paramount, hence, every time a center logs into our platform an authentication message is sent to the provided email.

App is Available
for Free on App Store

Streamlining the Procedure for Potential Sponsors

From the Welcome screen to the dashboard and stats, we have streamlined every process for our esteemed sponsors. We understand the need for convenience when on the go, hence, we have made the process of registering for our sponsors incredibly easy. They will follow the same seamless procedure as the registration of research centers; after entering of the name of the organization, our app will first ensure that the sponsors do not already exist in our database. After that a verification code will be sent to the registered email and within 72 hours of this process your research center will become part of our roster.

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