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The founders of Round-Us
envisioned an app that can
provide the ease of getting

different services brought on by different professionals offering their services to the community without hassle.

This idea was conceived when we discovered that there are not many applications out there that can provide an earning opportunity to different individuals to help empower them.

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What we aspired to do:

The founders of Round-Us wanted to create an app that would serve different members of certain communities to be connected with sellers and buyers alike. They conceived the notion that there should be an application that deals with these exclusive services involving different online jobs.

Now you can utilize your skills and use your talents to acquire employment. You start discovering fresh chances in your chosen field with the Round-Us app.

In order to meet our client’s expectations, we designed the app in such a way that customers can post advertising and hire employees to perform various tasks. We developed this ground-breaking app that is also user-friendly and helps produce or give tasks so that our clients may easily have resources at their fingertips due to its fluid navigation style.

The outcomes we desired:

The principle of equal opportunities is central to this software. Using a live map function enables our customers to locate a specialist so they may receive their services immediately.

Vendors desire a simple and engaging user experience that gives them a hassle-free way to present themselves to the market. They desire a simple layout so they may explore all of their possibilities, including making advertisements. Due to the special capabilities of the app, you can quickly find assistance. To locate positions in their area that allows them to unwind while hiring experts to work for them.

There were complex technologies that were implemented and the devoted team came up with a solution to their problems by creating the essential features of the Round-Us application. The design team created an unusual and incredibly compelling application that gave complete simplicity to the user while the technologies were being implemented.

We created an app that met the demands of our customers while taking on the obstacles of a cutthroat market since we fully knew what they desired. Determining the characteristics, such as unique features and UI/UX, that would distinguish the IPro-wide app as a more advanced platform than rival offerings.

We were aware that in order to meet their needs in the local labor market, our clients needed information about the various occupations that were available to them. To demonstrate effectiveness, we used our technology and integrated it into the IPro-Wide app.

We have aided countless customers. We have reached over 1 million downloads.

Will you accomplish the task at hand?

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The Features:

You can create a profile, enter your details to make sure you are safe, and get started. You can also find different Vendors through the search bar that can match your requirements and expectations. You can now find different vendors in your location to find the best fit. Vendors can also post ads displaying their skills and offers. The location feature allows different professionals in the area to view the posted ads about handymen, pet grooming, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, hairdressers, and many others. Find help at your ease!

The Solution:

This innovative app uses UI-UX to help consumers interact with our application because of its modern design.

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