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Client Brief

The main concept behind this application is to provide a facility for users so that they can calculate the cost of receiving medical treatment.



YEAR - 2019





The Solution

Sckeem's mission is to help users feel more confident and empowered in their everyday money choices. We do it by assisting you in managing your costs and expenses efficiently by using a calendar. We get away from the spreadsheets and graphs so you can put your monthly budgeting in the actual month.

This starts with their Opening balance then adding in expenses. Once the expenses are added in, the app directs you to the calendar where it shows the expenses and the dates each one is due. Users are also able to compare month to month how much they spend by clicking on the "Insights" tab.





This feature will notify all the users about important and urgent events that will take place. i.e. if the user has to pay their utility expense for the third month, Sckeem will notify at the end of the second month.


Filter & Add Expenses

Not only will you be able to add expenses to the list, but the app also offers a filtering option that will allow you to categorize your mentioned expenses: Current/Future, Daily/Weekly/Monthly, and Priority/Non-priority basis



With the Piechart, users will be able to view how much is spent monthly and which category consumed the most of their balance. It will also let you compare to previous months.


Expense list

Users will be able to look at all their expenses in a list. This will help you know about the expenses you will incur shortly will guide you in budget management.

The Highlights

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The Result

The results of this great application are surprising. Folks are fond of this application out of high satisfaction from it. RetroCube’s Sckeem is a trouble-free application that has significantly contributed to making users' everyday money choices, including short-term one goals stress-free. This application is not only that, but it also helps to calculate month to month you spend. The results are worth it for our consumers to know the significance of the application.


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