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YEAR - 2019

The Solution

How do you get better at anything? You work at it to improve. That could mean doing without, working harder, staying more focused, whatever it takes, you do it. Fortunately for you we have designed a way to take the workout out of the growth process, turned it into a game, to made it fun.

This is the first app of its kind, a visual representation of your spiritual life that is uniquely designed for, and by you. Your prodigy starts when you connect the life to the source of life. You are responsible for how your pneuma [nu-ma] baby grows but this baby doesn't grow with regular food and water, it will grow when its dependence is not on the things of this world.

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A pop-up will open up to giving you the challenge and ask if you are ready to complete the task. You can choose Yes, No, or Later, but can spin the wheel up to 12 times in one day


When you begin your journey you are represented as a baby, just like in real life, you will have challenges to overcome in order to grow into the next stage of life. Through the app, you will be given tasks to complete during the day


The moment you connect the heart lights up. If you complete all 12 challenges for the day, your heart turns to gold


This application helps you to track & share daily progress with your loved ones

The Highlights

The Result

The results of this great application are amazing. People are extremely satisfied with this application and use it on the daily basis. RetroCube’s Store Up Your Treasures is a hassle-free application. It takes time to connect with the source of life has never been easier or more rewarding. Making God a priority will impact your life, and the world around you. So go ahead, "Store Up Your Treasures."


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