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What StreamMii does:

The popularity of user-generated material is growing, and people are searching for new methods to personalize and distinguish their contributions. These works are then distributed to a massive network of devices. StreamMii has transformed the way people listen to music. The Soundly app allows music lovers to save songs for later by creating countless playlists, uploading their own tracks, supporting their favorite artists, and experiencing next-gen technology and music collaboration in perfect harmony. Individuals can use StreamMii to connect with Music Producers, Video Directors, Song Writers, Recording Engineers, and other professionals from all over the world.

StreamMii has changed
the game for music lovers:

The customer desires a platform that could uncover the actual experience of music using modern technology by delivering a completely immersive experience.

The concept for StreamMii was not only to create a fresh entertainment app, but also to ensure user-friendly, and smooth navigation and controls that would allow users to rapidly tap their way to their favorite songs from new artists, create playlists or upload their own music.

What the client desires:

A crisp and interactive UX/UI to enhance their user map.

Features where they can use an equalizer, check out an artist, or create a user profile.

Easy to comprehend sections of navigation, options, etc.

An easy online payment option.

What we do:

StreamMii allows musicians to convert their hobby of making music into a job.

The key to success in the fast-developing music industry is to attract fan support and create profitable material. This app introduces a simple mobile app platform for music industry professionals. Our app provides musicians with all of the resources they need to flourish as independent artists, from distribution to full marketing services and result-proven tools for career management.

During the development phase, the quality assurance team integrated and tested the critical features, such as profile creation, playlist option, offline music listening, donating option, and other critical features, to ensure that the app worked flawlessly.

The three phases of development, design, and quality assurance were carried out effectively. The client was shown a fully functional mobile application at the end of the process.

The solution

Join the app as either a fan or a musician and register according to your preference as a music producer, musician, or songwriter. Then register. After this, our algorithms allow you to discover artists that cater to your music taste.

StreamMii is a mobile app platform that allows persons in the music industry to advertise their music with one another. Fans will be able to support their favorite musicians by giving tokens to them. These are valuable assets in the future as you can use them for different privileges. The design team created a unique and highly engaging UI/UX of the application for a smoother user experience.

We understand the client’s expectations of this app and manifest them.

We create functionality, and UI/UX that builds up StreamMii to the top position as compared to other apps.

Creating effective sprint sessions based on multiple phases in order to complete, design, and deliver the app on time.

We apply modern technologies and integrate them to make this app perform efficiently.

The following teams collaborated to create the platform exclusively for entertainment fans:

  • Backend developers
  • Project manager
  • QA engineer
  • Frontend developer

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The Features:

  • Streamlined artist creation option that helps you gain access to your favorite music anywhere and at any time.
  • Uploading songs has never been easier with our application.
  • A streamlined process that enables you to personalize playlists and favorite artists.
  • An easy-to-understand equalizer to manage the quality and the sound of the user’s preference.

The Outcome

The team improved the app's functionality and features, allowing StreamMii to become one of the most popular apps in the market.

Soundly was able to enable creators to submit their songs, build their profiles, and even start earning income by integrating the features and functionality to fulfill the app's primary purpose. Our services are the game changer in a competitive market.

The app's success is expected to exceed a million downloads in the future years, owing to its unparalleled experience and limitless capabilities.

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