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5 Best Android Texting App 2020

October 3, 2019
5 Best Text Messaging Apps for Android

Do you remember cellphones from back in the day? We’re not talking about the first touchscreens. We’re not talking about the phenomenal but eventually failing BlackBerrys. We’re not even talking about the first generation of camera phones. We’re asking you to go right back to the basics – to those nifty little Nokia 3210s, and Motorola sets, and so on.

If you weren’t around then or didn’t have access to cellphone technology at the time, allow us to enlighten you! Phones of that period had two primary functions; calling and texting. If you had a phone that could do that, you were golden, in fact, one of the Nokia 3210’s biggest sell points was the existence of a built-in basic game! Times were simpler, and in a sense, so was communication!

Texting Is Forever

You’ve probably heard the phrase; diamonds are forever. Well, so is android texting. At least for those of us who own cellphones! We’ve come quite a long way from the basic and sometimes bulky devices we would use to communicate on the go. One article published by Business Insider shows how it wasn’t until the 90s that cell phones with texting capabilities became available. That said, once our fingers got to work on those texts, we as a species have never looked back. You could say, texting comes as naturally to some people as speaking, if not more so.

Text Messaging Today

Some sources suggest that psychologists actually feel some people are more comfortable with text as opposed to speech. This may be because of avoidant tendencies but can also be because texting is extremely convenient. You can carry on a conversation on the go, avoid awkwardness, and give yourself and others enough time to formulate better responses. Furthermore, the way people text can even be used as a way to study their personalities according to an article published by Forbes! Suffice to say, texting has and will be an integral part of our lives.

Which is the Best Android Texting App in 2020?

Even though phones today are capable of all kinds of advanced functions, the ability to send a simple text or facilitate what is known as SMS (short message service) has not been lost. At the same time, android apps developed for smartphones are designed to make certain actions easier to undertake as well as to make interfaces and tasks more engaging for users. Since there is an app for everything and for texting there is android messages app, it isn’t surprising to know that there are numerous text messaging apps for android available out there and we have mentioned the best android texting app list below:

Which Text or SMS App is the Best for Android?

Unfortunately, as with most things app related, how do you filter what is worth downloading and installing from the kind of apps you should avoid? One way is to check out reviews like this one. Here are the 5 best android texting app for android available today!

Android Messages – 4.4 Reviews

android messages

When it comes to useful and highly efficient best text messaging app for android, one of the best out there is Android Messages. Apart from being a stock app in many android devices (which is great), this app is also free. Currently, Android Messages focuses on convenient functionality and simplicity regarding app design. It offers users all basic SMS and MMS features as well as other options relating to data-backups, organization, and themes. The app is even available in a web-compatible form, making it possible to send texts from a computer or laptop device.

From what we’ve heard, Google intends to develop the app further to introduce more smart features for users.

Chomp SMS – 4.4 Reviews

Chomp SMS

If you’re looking for a little more than the features offered by best android messaging app, we feel Chomp SMS is a brilliant go-to app. Among the features offered by this app, customizability, as well as the apps low power/batter requirements, stand out the most. This app offers users choice by way of everything from interface skins or appearance to notification colors, icons, and more. You literally decide how you want the app to appear.

Chomp SMS also offers users advanced privacy features as well as group chat setting options, quick reply capabilities, and others, which may not be available in other text messaging apps. Chomp can be downloaded for free. However, if you’re looking for the app without the ads, you will probably need to pay for it.

Pulse SMS – 4.4 Reviews

Pulse SMS

When it comes to device versatility, Pulse SMS is most certainly worth looking at. As long as you have access to an Android operating system, Pulse SMS will do the trick. The app allows for free texting via mobile phone devices but also allows for texting over laptops and tablets at a minimal charge. Pulse SMS allows users to share everything from text messages and photos to location pins and some video animation. The app also allows users to view previews of links sent by others similar to the previews visible on WhatsApp

It also offers users time-set or schedule message features and provides added privacy against spammers and individuals who users do not wish to connect with. Finally, Pulse SMS comes complete with night mode capabilities, and, wait for it – end-to-end encryption! This is possibly one of the best Android texting app if you’re a working professional.

Mood Messenger – 4.4 Reviews

Mood Messenger

Mood messenger is a relatively new app, and unlike Pulse SMS or Chomp SMS is not a best texting app android that is inundated with features. The app is actually brilliant for those who prefer simplicity and uses a minimally designed interface. Mood Messenger offers all basic features expected of an Android text messaging app as well as theme customization options, added privacy settings, and end-to-end encryption.

Though this app is ad-free, making it an even better choice for many, there are certain instances where functionality glitches have been reported.

Textra SMS – 4.5 Reviews

Textra SMS

If you want the best text app for an android app that prides customization, is extremely user-friendly and promises increased speed or efficiency, Textra SMS is one you should download. This text messaging app for android is extremely aesthetically appealing and can be customized to suit the most subtle user preferences.

Everything from backgrounds and icons to notifications and emojis can be altered on this app to fit what appeals to the user personally.

Other interesting app features include both dark and light night mode settings, contact customization, and a stop-during-send feature as well as the apps Android Wear compatibility. While most of the useful features can be accessed for free, unlocking paid features on this app is not a bad idea.

In Conclusion

If you’re someone who uses SMS or MMS, it makes perfect sense to do yourself a favor and use one of the android apps available for the same. We’re not suggesting you go out on a wing and download a sub-par best texting app. What we would suggest is that you take your pick from the list of apps above and figure out which one works best for you.

We really can’t say what direction text messaging apps are going to take in the future. What we do know, however, is that the best texting app for android is a form of standard communication in the world today. In a sense, unless we come to some kind of global technological breakdown or a radical shift in consciousness that results in us abandoning tech, you can rest assured that text messaging is really not going to go anywhere!