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Android Pie 9 Bugs and Fast Fixes

December 12, 2018
Android Pie 9 New Bugs

The Android Pie 9 update was the talk of the town in the Android realm. While it has brought many new changes and updates, certain bugs have also been reported and these bugs left an unpleasant user experience for the Android users. Most of the new features are certainly praiseworthy but for some, they do not seem to be functioning correctly. Some features have been entirely updated and replaced by new functionalities while some are reported to be not working.

Android Pie 9 is certainly a significant update from Google, however, if a variety of issues continues to persist then here is what you can do to fix them:

Battery Drainage

With a built-in feature of Adaptive Battery in Android Pie, users can get more screen time but Android users reported a concern regarding battery drainage. It did not occur only on the Google Pixel but on other Android supported smartphones as well. It turns out that the new Android 9 update has affected the battery life of Android phones and it is reported that it will only be fixed after the next release of the software update.

For some, it might be a longer wait time and it could be affecting the phone’s performance adversely. Therefore, a reasonable solution is to factory reset the phone and it would improve the issue of battery drainage.

Issues In Connectivity

Connectivity problems is an issue that has been occurring after the Android Pie 9 features. Many Google Pixel users have reported persistence of Bluetooth and network connectivity issues. Some believe that it will only be fixed if given to the manufacturer for a software update. However, it is not set in stone that only a software update can fix it, as a few alternatives are available as well.

In order to fix this issue, you can simply go to the network and Wi-Fi settings of your phone, forget the wireless network provider name, and check if it solves the issue or not. The problem can also be in your router so you might think of restarting just to make sure if the issue is in the wireless router.

As for the Bluetooth connectivity, you can simply remove all of the paired devices on your phone and connect them again. This simple trick is expected to fix the connectivity issues in both the Bluetooth and wireless networks.

Charging Problems

This issue came out after the Android 9 Pie made its public release, however; it was still reported in the developer release of this Android version. A number of Google Pixel users complained that there were not any issues in the phone’s Fast Charging ability prior to the update but charging problems continued to persist after they updated their phones.

Google has already addressed this bug and it is expected to be fixed in the next Android software update. There is no solution available yet so even a simple factory reset would not work to solve this charging issue.

Failing To Use Call Recording Apps

Apps used to record calls have never been encouraged and some even lead to concerns in legality but there are still some positive uses of these apps. However, in the new Android Pie 9 update, people have reported that a number of call recording apps do not seem to be working.

The support for the call recording API has gone obsolete after the Marshmallow update but it still worked for some individuals, mostly developers. There is no announcement yet regarding a legalized use of call recording apps and these might be gone for good.

Error In Camera App

Many individuals have not addressed issues in camera apps but there still seem to be some bugs after the release of Android Pie. The built-in camera app of Android apps continues to crash after an error message is displayed on the screen.

This issue is not occurring often but there is still a fix for it. This error can be fixed by clearing the storage of your phone in the settings option and then rebooting your phone to check if the camera app is working smoothly or not.

Phone Rotation Issues

The phone rotation option after the Android Pie update has been disabled by default but previously it used to be enabled beforehand. All of the devices that have been upgraded to the Android Pie have faced this issue but it is a trivial one so far.

You can simply go to the Display options in the settings and then enable auto-rotation on your phone. Now you can either turn it on or off, according to your preferences. It is not a major bug but still, it has provided a hindrance in the user experience of Android phones.

Silent Mode Shortcut

This is a common problem after the new update, as people cannot find the shortcut for their phone’s silent mode. Previously, you could go to your system settings and turn either on or off the option to prevent your phone from ringing. There were two options of mute and vibrate and you could change the settings accordingly.

After the latest update, if you want to access the silent mode shortcut then you would have to place your phone face down and that way you can silence it. There is the option to go to the settings and silent your phone but with this gesture, you can silent it dynamically.

These are few of the common issues and bugs that Android Pie 9 users have faced. While most of them have authentic fixes and solutions but more bugs and issues could be out there that have not been reported yet. However, the core problems in the usability of Android smartphones have been speculated and each such issue has a solution for it.