Apple Says iPad Mini 5 Could Arrive In 2019

December 24, 2018
ipad mini 5 in 2019

Apple has been steadfast in the release of new products but most people have felt that Apple has completely neglected the iPad Miniseries. The launch of iPad Pro brought a flair of anticipation for a new iPad Mini tablet but it has not been fulfilled yet. However, recent rumors and reports have suggested otherwise. Apple is most likely in the works to introduce an iPad Mini 5 somewhere around 2019.

According to a report by China Times, the release of an iPad Mini is expected at the beginning of 2019 and a 10-inch iPad will probably be out in the latter half of the next year. The launch of these new tablets is certainly not rumored anymore but no news or updates regarding what features they will contain have been out yet.

There has been no release of an iPad Mini since the year 2015 and this notion has demoralized many Apple users. However, with the recent statements, it is certain that Apple has a newly updated and revamped iPad Mini in the works for us.

What do we know so far?

The price for the two new iPad mini tablets has not been finalized yet and nor are its core features. There is a lot that has not been confirmed yet but it is expected that Apple might incorporate the Face ID option into all of its latest products and Apple might not rely on the Touch ID for its future products.

The exterior and the interior

The latest iPad Pro has an exterior design with round edges and it could be possible that the new two releases of the iPad Mini might have the same design. Apple seldom brings a huge change in the design of its tablets but after the upgrade of the iPad Pro tablets, these new iPad Mini releases see some upgrades in the design as well. As for the internal functionalities, the processor would most likely be upgraded but nobody can guess how these upgrades would affect the cost of the tablets.

Cutting down costs

It is reported that Apple intends to cut down not only the manufacturing price of these Mini tablets but the new iPad Minis would be relatively cheaper as compared to its older models. The cheapest iPad model from the prior tablets was available for $650 but over time, Apple reduced the price of these tablets the standard price of an iPad Mini is currently $330.

The next release is anticipated to be the iPad Mini 5 and it could be cheaper than what it is sold for currently. However, its price entirely depends upon its internal functionalities and configuration of the processor. The rumors for an iPad Mini 5 started in 2018 along with what it will be equipped with but there has been still no official statement out yet. The core measures taken by Apple to cut down the production cost are related to the screen technology and the incorporation of an entirely new processor.

What else has Apple planned?

While the report by China Times has confirmed many things, the launch of a 2019 iPad is also anticipated. The latest iPad Pro has just been released in 2018 but it is said that its next model will have a number of features revamped. Not much has been out yet about the next iPad Pro but it will most probably have a 10-inch screen and since Apple has decided to cut down costs and provide its audience with low priced tablets then the next iPad Pro might be relatively cheaper as well.

We mentioned earlier that the iPad Pro 2019 will be out in the second half of the next year but before we worry about the iPad Pro, it is exciting news to know that iPad Mini is making a comeback. That is why we should not fret and think that Apple has completely forgotten about the iPad Mini as most people are predicting that we will get the big news anytime in 2019.