November 20, 2018
Top 5 Free VPN Apps for iPhone in 2019

Online privacy is the concern of almost every individual and for that reason, we witnessed the emergence of virtual private networks. The two most prominent mobile app platforms of today are Android and iOS. Although Apple has kept iPhone devices secure and stable, many people still face issues relating to security breaches and privacy control. Since everything, from communication to carrying out business operations, is becoming digitalized, the risk of hacking has significantly increased. To overcome this dilemma, people started to resort to VPNs to keep their online transactions and activities safe and secure.

The Apple App Store itself houses millions of apps and it is certain that not all of them would be reliable and safe to download. When you use a VPN, you are able to control your digital privacy and easily move about in the online spectrum. Data breach is common now and it is not a surprise to see that popular social media platforms such as Facebook fell victim to data and security breach. That is why to overcome this hurdle, relying on VPNs is the best choice.

VPNs lower the possibilities of a security penetration and at times, completely dispose of this possibility. Before you set out to find a reliable VPN for your iPhone, here are a few great options for VPN apps.

Top 5 Free VPN Apps for iPhone in 2019

ExpressVPN iPhone App

By providing over 2000 servers in over 90 countries, it is safe to say that ExpressVPN excels in every domain of utmost privacy and security. With the ability to switch servers with no compromise on the speed, this VPN also allows you to connect up to 3 devices on your account. It is now turning into an essential tool for specifically iOS users. It provides a simple and user-friendly interface and lets you connect to the server of your choice without facing any hurdles. As far as its security protocols go, with secure encryptions, there are no chances of penetration from any third party in your online activity.

NordVPN Best VPN Service

Promising you with a safe and secure virtual private network, NordVPN allows you to privately connect to the device of your choice and even secure your Wi-Fi connection. Utmost security is provided to stop infiltrations from cyber threats or third parties; however, that is not the only advantage of using this VPN. With NordVPN, you can select from over 5000 servers located in 60 countries. This private network guarantees to keep you secured at all times to the point that it does not even save any of your activity logs. It is free to download the app and offers a 7-day free trial to test out its extensive subscription plans.

IPVanish Review

Many people tend to avoid online advertisers but cannot seem to find the right solution for it. However, IPVanish completely erases that dilemma for you. The key is to use virtual private networks but still maintain utmost levels of security and that is what IPVanish offers to its users. With a no-logging policy, that makes it almost impossible to ever share your data with others, therefore, you can simply install this app on your iOS devices and connect to the app’s servers located in over 60 countries with no concern about security.

VyprVPN App iOS

Eliminating the distress of online privacy and security, VyprVPN allows you to connect your IOS device to the internet without any security penetrations and lets you protect your identity with almost zero chances of theft. VyprVPN provides you with unlimited access to content, over 70 global server locations, faster streaming speed and a NAT firewall that keeps your internet connection secured at all times. With the offer of a free 3-day trial, the subscription plans are not that costly either. No matter where you are located, connecting to the internet becomes easier and flexible with VyprVPN.

SaferVPN Reviews

Guaranteeing to provide a stable and secure internet connection, SaferVPN allows you to connect to up to 5 devices at once. Once you have set up your account, you can easily configure the app to make it find servers that have the best performance and speed. This VPN app lets you connect and access content with over 700 servers across the continent. What makes it alluring is its feature of unlimited bandwidth with no compromise on the speed of your connection. The app is free to use with a 7-day free trial but in order to access additional services and features, you have to choose from its subscription plans.

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