Latest Apple Products Coming in 2019

December 24, 2018
apple products in 2019

The year 2018 will soon be ending and we cannot say that Apple has disappointed us with its product releases. The iPhone XR, XS, and the XS Max came as a surprise to Apple users and that is not all. The release of the HomePod, the latest iPad Pros, and new Mac products have taken the realm of technology advancements by storm. We can surely say that 2018 was the year for Apple, however, what can we say about 2019? or the latest Apple products coming in 2019 A brief outlook of the New Year has been given through some confirmed reports and rumored but we still do not know what is out there for the next year.

From rumored statements to official reports, we have contained every single one of this latest news regarding Apple products for 2019 and what has been predicted so far. Whether it is a new iPhone or a Mac Pro, we have gathered the latest news about everything related to future Apple product launches.

We can surely say that 2018 has been a great year for Apple but 2019 will not be limited to iPhone alone as it is expected that we might be seeing an entirely revamped version of the long forgotten iPad Mini. Here is what we know so far about what is rumored and what is anticipated for 2019 Apple products.

iPhone 11

Apple did not stay low in 2018 with several iPhone releases, however, it is expected that Apple will be releasing an iPhone 11 in 2019 with a number of updated features and functionalities. It is most likely that the next release of iPhone will be equipped with enhanced and improved technical attributes.

A number of rumored design concepts for the iPhone 11 have also been out but Apple has confirmed nothing yet. It could be possible that there will not be any major change in both the interior and exterior of the next generation of iPhones or Apple might entirely revamp it. Apple does not bring about major changes at a rapid pace but since there has been no official announcement yet, you can keep your expectations higher for the next release.

iPad Mini

It has been observed by many Apple users that there has been no news about the iPad Mini since September 2015. Some even thought that Apple might be discontinuing this mini tablet but that does not look like the case anymore. The launch of an iPad Mini in the first half of 2019 is no longer a rumor instead; soon it will be becoming a reality.

However, Apple has decided to cut down its production cost and it might be cheaper than its previous versions or there might be no significant change in the price of the new iPad Mini. Nothing is certain yet as the features and functionalities of this mini tablet has not been announced yet as well.

The Mac Pro

Apple has not made any official announcement yet but most impassioned Apple users have figured out that Apple might release a new model of the Mac Pro in the upcoming year. Since the upgrade will be made to revamp the current features and functionalities of the Mac Pro then we might be seeing an improvement in performance, space consumption, and more storage capabilities.

The current motto of Apple for its series of Mac notebooks to make them modular than before. From the exterior design to the intricate interior details, Apple might be opting for a modular method in all of its Mac notebooks. Since the Mac Pro already has a specific and niche market, its price cannot be easily guessed so as for now we cannot say much about how much it would be priced at.


When Apple made an announcement for the release of the iPhone 8 in the fall of 2017, it also announced that it will be launching an entirely new charging pad and it will be named as AirPower. It will work as a wireless charging pad that would be only functional with the latest Apple Phones. The best part about the AirPower is that it allows you to charge multiple devices at once.

Whether it is an iPhone or an Apple Watch, you can charge each of these devices simultaneously. You should not fret, as the charging power will be equally distributed and there would be absolutely no compromise on the charging efficiency. The release of AirPower is most likely to be in the spring of 2019.

HomePod Version 2

The HomePod has just been recently released but it is probable that we would be seeing more of these HomePods in 2019 as well. Apple has certainly brought new changes to the already released HomePod and most Apple users cannot grasp why there would be the need to have another of these devices but Apple is surely considering to add new features and updates to it.

They could revamp the speaker functionality and tweak it a bit or they could bring a change in the cost of the HomePod by making it less costly than before. It is just hearsay for now but Apple could be launching a smaller and inexpensive version of the HomePod and it would be accessible by most Apple users out there.

These are not the only products where users are anticipating for improvement, as several other domains exist where Apple needs to bring about change. Apple also has a streaming service and it is expected that it might be competing with the big streaming services out there. Most people do not have any complaints regarding the 2018 product releases but it is better to keep our hopes high for the future generation of Apple products.