New iPad Pro 2018 vs iPad Pro 2017: Is The Upgrade Worth It?

November 27, 2018
New iPad Pro 2018 vs iPad Pro 2017

With the recent release of the new iPad Pro models for 2018, the changes and enhancements are extremely thorough and radical. Nobody thought of using Face ID in an iPad but the new models have shown otherwise. The trends and transformations in mobile technology are ever changing so here is a closer look to the modifications Apple has brought in the newly launched iPad Pro 2018.

New iPad Pro 2018 vs iPad Pro 2017


After comparing the new iPad Pro 2018 vs iPad pro 2017 with its older version, the difference in the design is easily visible. Introducing two models that come in a screen size of 11-inch and 12.9-inch, both these models are smaller than the 2017 iPad Pro. The total reduction of the build and volume of the new iPad is at an approximate of 25%. There is also an obvious change in its thickness, which was previously 6.1 mm but now it is 5.9 mm.

However, the size is not the only thing that has changed as Apple has completely redesigned the frame of the new iPad. With the removal of the metallic back, iPad Pro 2018 now has a flattened metallic lining that gives it a more sleek and minimal appeal. As for the colors, this version of the iPad comes in silver, gray, gold and rose gold colors for now, however, no announcements for more additions in the range of colors are out yet.

Comparing it with the newly released iPhone XS, iPad Pro 2018 also does not have any home button. Having no home button clearly suggests that it will be accessed through Face ID and the Touch ID would no longer in use.

Display and Layout

Both the latest versions of iPad Pro 2018 have a similar density of 264 pixels per inch but the display layout and resolution varies. This is not any different from the 2017 version so users would not find much difference in the design. With a liquid retina display, Apple has provided its audience with a sleek and smooth user experience. This display type has also been used in the iPhone XR and now it is incorporated in the iPad Pro 2018.

With the home button removed from the design, it has certainly transformed its display. Users do not have to use a fingerprint sensor as Apple has simplified this notion with a facial recognition option used through a Face ID. There are mixed feelings about the removal of the home button, as getting used to the new navigation abilities is still a big deal for many.

Camera Ability

The changes in the camera are not any significant, as Apple has decided to keep the camera to 12 MP rear and 7 MP front just like the iPad Pro 2017. The front camera is placed at the top of the display screen and has the same features of the new True Depth system as seen in the iPhone X and XS releases. Apple already is incorporating AR features in all their new processors and with the latest Neural Engine, iPad Pro 2018 as the same functionalities.

As for the portrait mode, with the True Depth camera system, users can make use of Emoji and Animoji on their iPad for the first time ever. The idea of taking photos or selfies with a tablet is not common but with these new fun characters, iPad Pro users will certainly enjoy taking photos.

Compare iPad Pro 2017 vs iPad Pro 2018 Tablet Performance

Having a Neural Engine just as the new iPhone releases, iPad Pro 2018 is 2x faster than the 2017 version and comes with an Octa-Core A12X bionic chip. This, in turn, has brought a significant change in the performance of the new tablet and promises no complain of lag. The A12 Bionic Chip first appeared in the latest iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR but it is the first time ever that this certain chip is used in both a smartphone and a tablet.

iPad Pro 2017 came with a Hexa-core A10X fusion chip, however, with changes in the functionality and performance of the 2018 version, that is a great improvement. As for its battery, the new iPad has a battery life of up to 10 hours. Apple has brought changes in the performance of the iPad Pro 2018 but the storage options are the same as its predecessor.

From the 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB storage choices, the new iPad Pro 2018 comes with the quoted price of $799. However, that is the price of the 11-inch model since the 12.9-inch model has a price tag of $1749. Its predecessor is comparatively less costly as the original price of the 10-5 inch model would still cost you $649.